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  1. I wish I knew what was going on with Campbell and Cain. During the Houston game, Cain played 37 snaps and wasn't targeted one time. That is stunning! The following week he was deactivated. Paschal and Rodgers shouldn't be good enough to keep Campbell and Cain from even being remote factors in the Colts passing game. Something's up.
  2. Broncos Defense/Net Passing Yards Against 2019 Opponent/Yards (Ranked from most to least) Raiders 259 Packers 235 Chargers 211 Colts 191 Chiefs 191 Jaguars 186 Titans 165 Bears 120 The Broncos have an excellent pass defense. They have yet to give up 300 net yards passing to any team this season. The Broncos have given up less than 200 net yards passing for their last 3 games. This information was sent to NFL reporters by the Colts after yesterday's game to help them provide proper context with regard to the opponent they we
  3. Jacoby Brissett is perfect for the Colts future. The Colts are in a great situation. The reason why is cost. Here are the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks this decade. 2010-Aaron Rodgers-Franchise QB on his 1st negotiated contract. 2011-Eli Manning- Second tier QB in talent and salary in 2011 2012-Joe Flacco-Second tier QB who won Super Bowl before his crippling franchise QB deal 2013-Russell Wilson- Franchise QB on his rookie deal 2014-Tom Brady-Franchise QB who gives his team a substantial discount 2015-Peyton Manning-Now a Second T
  4. I said I would update the numbers for Week 7 as soon as I could. 2019 15/25 201 8.1 0/0 Rating 85.88 2018 17/23 156 6.8 4/0 Rating 131.5 I will add them to the general total every 3 weeks.
  5. Top 3: TY Hilton Zach Paschal Chester Rogers Missing in Action: Deon Caine Paris Campbell
  6. Through the first 6 games of 2018 the Colts scored a total of 152 points. Through the first 6 games of 2019 the Colts scored a total of 143 points The difference is just 9 points on a more "apples to apples" point comparison. If Vinatieri had been up to his usual standards during the first few games, the Colts would have scored more points through the first 6 games. The Colts have played a very respectable schedule for the first 6 games of 2019. It will be interesting to see where the Colts scoring number is once we make our way through the "softer" part of our sch
  7. Neither did I. I was shocked. The only real difference through 6 games is the yardage. But this is because last year we threw the ball way more often. Through 6 games in 2019 we are averaging more yards per attempt than through 6 games in 2018. Numbers vs. perception is always interesting.
  8. I often wonder what coach Pagano would have done if he had not been tied to Grigson. Coach Dungy was great, but he had Polian who is in the Hall of Fame in his own right as a GM. Riech is good. But he too is tied to great GM. I understand its subjective, but I blame most of the Colts prior problems on Grigson and not Pagano.
  9. I'm not a big fan of the color rush uniforms for any team. It looks like they are playing in pajamas or something.
  10. GAME 1 39/53 329 2/1 Pts. 23 21/27 190 2/0 Pts. 24 GAME 2 21/31 179 2/2 Pts. 21 17/28 146 3/1 Pts. 19 GAME 3 25/40 163 1/0 Pts. 16 28/37 310 3/0 Pts. 27 GAME 4 40/64 464 4/0 Pts. 34 24/46 265 3/1 Pts. 24 GAME 5 38/59 365 3/2 Pts. 24 18/29 151 0/1 Pts. 19 GAME 6 23/43 301 4/3 Pts. 34 26/39 326 4/0 Pts. 30 Jacoby Brissett: 134/206 1388 65% 6.73 14/3 Rat
  11. The Colts have had terrible organization since the Dungy/Polian era left us.
  12. I think it may be time to give Jim Caldwell a call.
  13. What specifically was skewed? There isn't even any serious opinion there. Just facts.
  14. Most Playoff Wins (2013-2015/3 years) Pete Carroll (Seahawks) 6 Bill Belichick (Patriots) 5 John Harbaugh (Ravens) 5 Jim Harbaugh (49ers) 4 Chuck Pagano (Colts) 3 John Fox (Broncos) 2 Mike McCarthy (Packers) 2 6 other coaches have just 1 playoff victory over this span. Chuck Pagano also has more playoff wins (2013-2015) than the following notable coaches: Sean Payton (Saints), Rex Ryan (Bills, Jets), Mike Tomlin (Steelers), Tom Coughlin, (Giants), Marvin Lewis (Bengals), Ron Riviera (Panthers), Bruce Areans (Cardinals), Je
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