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  1. Broncos Defense/Net Passing Yards Against 2019 Opponent/Yards (Ranked from most to least) Raiders 259 Packers 235 Chargers 211 Colts 191 Chiefs 191 Jaguars 186 Titans 165 Bears 120 The Broncos have an excellent pass defense. They have yet to give up 300 net yards passing to any team this season. The Broncos have given up less than 200 net yards passing for their last 3 games. This information was sent to NFL reporters by the Colts after yesterday's game to help them provide proper context with regard to the opponent they were playing. The Colt offense had a ton of issues Sunday. But as the numbers show, they were playing an opponent that defensively is much better than the general public realizes. In fact only 3 offenses have moved the ball through the air against the Broncos better than the Colts. And those three top teams all played the Broncos early in the season.
  2. Jacoby Brissett is perfect for the Colts future. The Colts are in a great situation. The reason why is cost. Here are the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks this decade. 2010-Aaron Rodgers-Franchise QB on his 1st negotiated contract. 2011-Eli Manning- Second tier QB in talent and salary in 2011 2012-Joe Flacco-Second tier QB who won Super Bowl before his crippling franchise QB deal 2013-Russell Wilson- Franchise QB on his rookie deal 2014-Tom Brady-Franchise QB who gives his team a substantial discount 2015-Peyton Manning-Now a Second Tier QB not being paid top franchise QB money by Denver 2016-Tom Brady-Franchise QB who gives his team a substantial discount 2017-Nick Foles-Second tier back up QB not making any money. Wentz was on his rookie deal. 2018- Tom Brady-Franchise QB who gives his team a substantial discount Notice a trend? No team in this era has won a Super Bowl with a franchise quarterback making franchise quarterback money. The franchise QB salary just takes up to much of the salary cap to compete. Teams win Super Bowls with franchise quarterbacks on their rookie deal. Or they win with second tier quarterbacks who are paid slightly less, and thus allow money for players in other positions. In fact, franchise quarterback salaries can frequently kill a teams Super Bowl chances. The Seahawks for instance, were built with a great defense. The team fell apart not because of age or skill, but because when Russell Wilson signed his franchise quarterback deal, the team had to make cuts elsewhere. The team got worse while Wilson got richer. He is not alone. The Ravens took a step back after Flacco signed his franchise quarterback deal following the Ravens Super Bowl win. The Ravens haven't been back since. The highest paid quarterbacks get a lot of headlines, but they do not win Super Bowls. The year the Packers won the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers was only the 7th highest paid player on the team. The lone exception to this “franchise quarterback” rule is Tom Brady. But Brady has never been among the highest paid quarterbacks in football. This allows the Patriots to fill their roster with talented players “the average Joe” has never heard of, at positions that win champions (offensive line and defensive back for example.) They can do this while still benefiting from tier one QB play. Its the #1 secret to the Patriot dynasty. If Tom Brady were being paid at the market rate (like Kurt Cousins) for example, there is no way he would have that great defense backing him up. Matt Ryan and, Matt Stafford are among the highest paid quarterbacks in football. How are their teams doing? You wonder why the Falcons' defense is so bad? Look at Matt Ryan's ridiculous salary. Do you know what's harder to find than a franchise quarterback?; Finding a quarterback who is good enough to win without breaking the salary cap!! Jacoby Brissett is not the most talented quarterback in the NFL. But he will not be the most expensive either. The data is clear. To build a championship team, you need quality quarterback play at limited cost. 35 million dollar quarterbacks do not win Super Bowls. Building this team around Jacoby Brissett is the smartest move this organization can make.
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