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  1. Some of You guys are crazy. In the day and age where medicine is proving that most NFL players walk away with absolutely horrendous life ruining brain damage you’re gonna blame a guy for walking away when he knew something in his body didn’t feel right? Pretty sure he’s not even gonna get the money 

  2. 1 minute ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    JoJo was an UDFA(Expendable) and was only going to have one role

    ANyone not performing is an expendable in a culture that promotes competition. Sorry but that’s the truth. Obviously I hope he turns out to be better than Barry Sanders though

  3. Guy has a fumbling issue. It’s not okay for the role he’s been used in so far (punt return man). 

    Hopefully he gets better. Maybe he will maybe he won’t. 


    If Natson could get cut after such a nice preseason due to fumbling so can HineS


    No one is safe. End of story

  4. Obviously I have no idea if he would’ve accepted it but... if for only one year I would’ve just offered more money.


    $$ fixes or at least bandages most broken relationships in Sports. If only to try and see if he wasn’t a fluke and what’ our young team can show on the field with dare I say a more experienced player leading our Coverage unit. Imo he earned it but like I said maybe he would’ve needed a ridiculous amount to stay 

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  5. On 6/27/2018 at 8:38 AM, chad72 said:


    I guess Argentina is alive  - spoke too soon.

    I can’t believe it had to come to that for us to make on to the next round...


    France May have the better squad, more momentum, etc etc but never count us out. Having the best player in a game where one goal is enough you can never underestimate. It also helps that Messi is a 10 and not a striker so no one really has to create his chances like some other players...


    This Cup is great. After losing two copa finals and having a horrendous qualifying campaign salvaged by last game magic from Messi I have no expectations or delusions of winning the whole thing. I’m just here for the ride. Vamos vamos. 

  6. 11 hours ago, krunk said:

    or maybe you're putting the words banking In peoples mouths and being negative like always. Nobody's projecting him to start. Just stating what is likely the better scheme fit. I know its hard for you to do much more than be a dissenter.Can you tell us why hes here if he truly sucks so bad? Obviously they see a use for him somewhere as a reserve or something.

    I didn’t put any words in anyone’s mouths.  I was very specific in that I said “Those banking on him being better” Do you include yourself in that group?



    im not dissenting. I don’t even care about this upcoming Colts Season. This is the year of the World Cup and my first year of Vet School. I have much bigger worries lol. Ballard can be stingy or carefree in his spending as long as he gets good people. But Gaines succccks

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