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  1. scousecolt

    OURLADS projected colts depth chart

    Urgh, that defence. If that’s what is fielded then I’m expecting a lovely draft again next year.
  2. Good draft. Apart from swapping one of the guards for a tackle it’s as good as I’ve seen.
  3. scousecolt

    The Importance of Malik Hooker

    Takes away the threat of the deep ball and lets all the DB’s focus on the shorter stuff primarily. Teams are scared to test the deep ball too much in case it’s intercepted.
  4. scousecolt

    Colts trying to fly in OL Pugh

    Jensen and Pugh would be nice either side of Kelly. Wouldn’t mind Mewhort back too for the right price.
  5. scousecolt

    Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    There’s a thread slating Ballard for not making moves and a thread slating him for for trying to bring in a 24 year old former 1st round pick. He has the 5th most catches for a TE aged 24 in NFL history. Averaged 4.9 yards after the catch last year, Gronk had 5.0 for comparison. Definitely better than Swope and Travis and worth kicking the tyres on.
  6. It’s a fairly long standing internet joke than I’ve rehashed. Don’t take life so serious, I’m clearly not comparing Josh McDaniels to Hitler and Bin Laden.
  7. If you have 2 bullets and are in a room with Josh McDaniels, Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden, how many times are you shooting Josh?
  8. This would be very very good. The defence would be potentially great with a good front 4 and a young fast linebacker core.
  9. Why not just trade Hooker and a 5th for Mike Adams while we’re swapping good players for other good older players on the verge of retirement.
  10. scousecolt

    Mock Draft from Stampede Blue

    Chubb, Key and a cornerback would be a good haul. That would take the defence up a level without a doubt.