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At least the Oscars Got It Right!



At least that the Oscars got it right with the awards. As really thought that Quentin Tarantino and Ben Affleck would had gotten nods for Best Director. As the Oscars really screw that one up! As at least Ben got Best Pic for Argo and Tarantino got one for his screenplay. Sometimes the show could go overboard at nearly 1am where people in the East Standard Time Zone go to bed! But Seth McFarlane getting mixed reviews by his hosting performance. I mean, you have to bring your beyond A game to host the biggest awards show of all time!

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I didn't watch because I cannot stay up that late!  Caught the winners on the morning news


I guess everything is relative. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was good in Silver Linings Playbook. But I came away blown away by Bradley Cooper's performance


Of course his performance was overshadowed by Daniel Day Lewis who, of course was better than anyone could have been that role


He made Lincoln real.


I have not seen Argo but now I want to

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