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Rookie of the Year



Rookie of the Year, No doubt

And now we all can ponder, who will be, the "Rookie of the Year"

No one needs to be insulted, for all deserved our cheer.

These three have proved true value, their work did show us that.

And others are worth considering, but this is my little rant!

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson are the three,

No need to list statistics, they are there for all to read,

And let me say this emphatically, it's Colts beautiful blue, that I bleed!

We watched with breath taking amazement, each play of last second delight,

Just as Peyton before him did do, he kept victory so clearly in sight.

A new GM, Head Coach and staff, more rooks on field than not,

Then coach went down for the fight of his life, a perfect Hollywood plot.

Eleven and five in spite of all this, the records of rookies are his,

Andrew Luck has claimed a bunch, the books will testify of this.

Mr Wilson and RGIII, have had a really good year,

So good in fact, if I had the chance, I'd lift up to them a beer!

And I am glad to see they lift their teams to somewhere above "they suck"

I am happy to say my rookie of the year, is the amazing Andrew Luck!

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