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What will it take to win?



blog-0632165001355436231.jpgHeart! That is what it is going to take to win Sunday. The Colts are headed to Houston for what is surprisingly going to be huge game. The Colts are 9-4 the Texans 11-2. The Colts control their own destiny; with a win at Houston the Colts have a highly favorable shot at winning the division! As the Colts have shown they are a great home team, with a win on the road I think they can all but guarantee a win again in Indy in two weeks. To beat the Texans the Colts are gonna have to play COLTSTRONG ALL GAME LONG! I hope they can get a cheer going in the locker room and go out swinging hard from start to finish. Don't let the AFC South make the mistake of thinking that the Colts are a Manning Team instead of a TEAM TEAM!

Manning... forever in our hearts, but LUCK is always on our side!

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