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Lucky Patriots Have Lame Secondary

Ron Curtin


The Patriots have had the worst secondary in the NFL. Six of the players are either 7th round or undrafted free agents. Less than average QB's have put up great numbers against them.

But, Luck will be the first QB to face this woeful group with newly acquired Talib at CB.

The Colts have had the good fortune of playing their last four games against four teams that have a total of 11 wins in 37 games, and average only 17 points per game.

The Patriots average a league high 33 points per game, while the Colts average 20. Suprisingly, both defenses have given up 201 point this year. (Could the Colts D be as bad as the Pats?).

And, thats why the Patriots will win by 13 Points! But it should be a fun game to watch, if you like O.


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