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A Story of Gibson County-The Princeton vs. Gibson Southern Rivalry



This Friday marks the 41st meeting of the Princeton Community Tigers versus Gibson Southern Titans.

History of the Schools:

Princeton Community Tigers


Location:Princeton, Indiana

Schools formed from:

Princeton Tigers

Princeton Lincoln Lions(1951)

White River Township Rapids

Patoka Wrens(1963)

Hazleton Lions(1963)

Mount Olympus Mountaineers

Gibson Southern Titans


Location:Fort Branch, Indiana

Schools formed from:

Fort Branch Twigs

Owensville Kickapoos

Haubstadt Elites

Distance apart:

From Princeton Community to Gibson Southern:14.5 miles(24 minutes) or

17.9 miles(28 minutes)

From Princeton to Fort Branch:8.0 miles(16 minutes) or 10.2 miles(17 minutes)

The two schools were Charter members of the Big Eight Conference, Co-Host with Wood Memorial a yearly basketball tournament and play at least once in every sport that both schools have.

Football Records(GS-25 P-15):

1974-Gibson Southern-42 Princeton Community-0

1975-Gibson Southern-41 Princeton Community-0

1976-Gibson Southern-27 Princeton Community-3

1977-Princeton Community-20 Gibson Southern-13

1978-Gibson Southern-8 Princeton Community-0

1979-Gibson Southern-30 Princeton Community-7

1980-Gibson Southern-35 Princeton Community-0

1981-Gibson Southern-22 Princeton Community-0

1982-Gibson Southern-37 Princeton Community-14

1983-Gibson Southern-41 Princeton Community-0

1984-Princeton Community-16 Gibson Southern-7

1985-Gibson Southern-19 Princeton Community-6

1985(sect.)-Gibson Southern-56 Princeton Community-0

1986-Princeton Community-38 Gibson Southern-7

1987-Princeton Community-36 Gibson Southern-0

1988-Princeton Community-41 Gibson Southern-0

1989-Princeton Community-14 Gibson Southern-13(ot)

1990-Princeton Community-28 Gibson Southern-6

1991-Gibson Southern-7 Princeton Community-6

1992-Princeton Community-34 Gibson Southern-7

1993-Princeton Community-27 Gibson Southern-14

1994-Princeton Community-48 Gibson Southern-0

1995-Princeton Community-33 Gibson Southern-20

1996-Princeton Community-27 Gibson Southern-0

1997-Princeton Community-14 Gibson Southern-7

1998-Gibson Southern-61 Princeton Community-13

1999-Gibson Southern-42 Princeton Community-12

2000-Gibson Southern-41 Princeton Community-20

2001-Princeton Community-23 Gibson Southern-22

2002-Gibson Southern-35 Princeton Community-7

2003-Gibson Southern-33 Princeton Community-0

2004-Princeton Community-2 Gibson Southern-0(GS Forfeit;GS-27 PCHS-6)

2005-Gibson Southern-36 Princeton Community-0

2006-Gibson Southern-40 Princeton Community-14

2007-Gibson Southern-49 Princeton Community-0

2008-Gibson Southern-20 Princeton Community-6

2009-Gibson Southern-39 Princeton Community-17

2010-Gibson Southern-55 Princeton Community-14

2011-Gibson Southern-64 Princeton Community-14

2011(sect.)-Gibson Southern-48 Princeton Community-14


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