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Colts vs Bears



The game tomorrow will bring so many memories back for me.....

2007 Cabo San Lucas - attending my little brother's wedding to capture it all with my camera. While we were scouting out areas to take pictures we came across a sign that said "NFL Playoff games tomorrow" - we jumped for joy and thought what fun it would be to see the games.

We had our jerseys, by some stroke of luck, as we wanted to wear them, even while on vacation to honor our Colts. Luck would have it - we got to actually see the playoff game that put them in the playoffs. We also got to see the Bears win. We had a great time and there was lots of fun and games. Pics later....

So for tomorrow the memories of that time in Cabo, watching the games, preparing for my little brother's wedding and a much needed respite after losing my 17-yr old daughter just 3 months earlier. It was a crazy time for me. But what I loved most was seeing my beloved hometown city be recognized and put into the NFL history books with a Super Bowl win over the Bears and seeing the Lombardi Trophy come to Indy.

I'm so proud of my city Indianapolis. I'm a true fan of the Colts and look forward to another great season.

Until next time,


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