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blog-0489427001325867306.jpgIf I were Colts gm, I would first evaluate Peyton's progress. If he is going to retire, that makes it easy. Draft a quarterback with the 1st pick and build around him.

If Peyton can still play, I think you need to trade the 1st pick for as many picks this year and the next 2 years and surround Peyton with great linemen 1st, He will need all the protection we can give him. If a good QB is available with the picks you have, go for it, otherwise, hope the future picks you have work out for a QB. I want to give Peyton all the weapons he can have to win it all. We can rebuild later.

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If I were the Colt's GM I would find out what Jim Ersay wants to do with Jim Caldwell after reviewing where Caldwell wants to take the team in 2012. Jeff Fisher sounds like a good replacement if Caldwell needs replaced.

I would try to rework contracts for Dwight Freeney and Gary Bracket to lower salary cap.

I would find out how much cutting ties with Jerry Hughes effects salary cap (If I must keep him, burn him out on ST).

I like what Anderson did as a defensive lineman, especialy helping out well at defensive tackle where he played out of position. I would try to sign him for one more year.

If Peyton is healthy I try to rework his contract so we do not pay $28 million March 8, 2012 and plan to keep him at least two years and plan on him retiring and joining the front office or coaching staff.

I like Andrew Luck with the first pick, but would still listen to trade offers if Peyton is healthy.

If Peyton is not able to play this year I take Andrew Luck and start rebuilding.

If I am keeping Manning I want Reggie Wayne to play with him and help Luck as well if he will sign a reasonable three year deal. I like Mathis and would resign him to at least two years while I recoup from not finding his replacement in Hughes (that hurt us). Garcon should be resigned at a deal that does not break the bank.

I am looking at cornerbacks and safeties in the draft, with the hope that a stud defensive tackle will be there at pick #33, but will use pick on best defensive back if not. I stay with the running backs we have since Addai is too expensive to cut against the cap. I will look for at least one free agent Lineman and Saftey to bring to camp. I look for a return man/ wide receiver in the fifth round instead of seventh. Go Colts

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