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If I Were Gm



For the Colts fans, football is a very important and passionate form of entertainment. As a fan, I loath the lack of loyalty of many owners and players in all sports. Too many owners are concerned first with the financial bottom line and the fans second. As we all know, the fans are the customers which owners need to make a profit. Jim Irsay has proven to be concerned with both elements. Too many players are always looking to squeeze bigger salaries out of an organization or jump to another team. Peyton Manning has proven to be exception to the rule. He certainly could have forced a trade to a bigger market team for much larger financial returns. In my opinion, a GM for a small market team must be a great manager and a fan. Clearly, Mr. Polian was one but not the other.

If I were the (new) GM, (and by the way, I'm available.) the choice if very clear if not very hard. I would not forget the many lean years full of bitter disappointments and failures. Andrew Luck is clearly, the future. Indiana's favorite adopted son, Peyton Manning, unfortunately, is becoming the past. I would try to keep the one and transition the other. Paying Luck, $22 million (including $15 signing bonus) and Peyton $28 million in the coming year, is NOT going to happen. Forget it. We are not the New York Yankess! I would ask Peyton for help. This would require a restructuring of his contract. It would not be easy, but knowing Peyton, I'm sure it can happen. Andrew Luck would benefit greatly from a tutoring Peyton (as did Aaron Rogers from Brett Favre). I would do my best to keep the fans informed and assure them that both interests must be served.

As a fan, I wish Irsay and Peyton well and trust them both to make the right decision. They have certainly earned the trust of sensible fans!


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