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Austin Collie should Mimic Marvelous Marvin Harrison



Collie needs to go into the film vault and open up the film on Marvin Harrison. He need to worry about getting to his mark and posessing the ball and get DOWN. YAC will come when he beats his defender deep on a playaction call. I think we are deep enough at the WR position to handout roles accordingly. If you are injury prone and you get laid out after you catch the ball and try to turn up the field to get 4 more yards. You are not only putting yourself in danger but also your team. Austin Collie is not built for NFL contact in my opinion. He is a finesse player with aggressive route running. We have players built to run through you , around you , and pass you. Collie has to change his game in order to stay healthy, and why not mimic Marvelous Marvin Harrison ? He will last longer and achieve alot of individual accomplishments while helping his team compete to be a contender. Fans shouldn't have to keep holding their breaths every time a player of his calliiber catches the ball. It all comes down to Streaks or Stretchers. Or just make it much easier and bring in Wes Welker to man the slot , and move Mr. Glass to the outside. I love Collie as a player and I think I speak for alot of Colts fans when I say, " I dont want to keep watching Collie take afternoon naps in the middle of the field ".


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