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Colts Training Camp Autograph Aggravation



I want to start by saying this was my Aggravation. Let me know if you feel the same.

I work a very nice Schedule I work Saturdays Sundays and Mondays then im off the rest of the week. For the past 2 weeks I went to every practice. I was there when they opened till they closed. At the end of practice I would make my way down for autographs.

Only to be surrounded by a crowd of people pushing in to get Andrew Lucks Auto. Thats where my aggravation starts. I never did get Andrew's autograph in the entire 2 weeks because Im not rude or disrespectful to others. Most of the the so called fans now have those Autos on ebay. Most of those so called Fans showed up right before the practice was over then pushed there way in. Now dont get me wrong I didnt mind not getting Andrews Autograph.

What Aggravated Me the most was on 8/10/2012 I took my oldest son to the practice for his birthday he was turning 4. All last season he sat on the couch next to me and watched every game. He was so excited to go to the practice. All he talked about all week was watching Andrew Luck.

I bought him a football to get autographs from the players. The Practice was shorter due to the 1st preseason game being Sunday. After practice we walked down was standing there as Andrew Made his way towards us. When he was about 10 people away here come a crowed and started pushing there way in and one on the coaches pulled him away. Where my son looked at me a said "Daddy Andrew Runned away" I told him it was ok. I Asked him 3 times to come with me to watch the Colts practice and his response has Been No Andrew Luck runs away from me.

Now my son wants nothing to do with the Colts. Thanks to the Rude people that are only wanting to make a buck off the signature of Andrew Luck instead of the the true Fans I have signed him up for the Colts kids Club in hopes of getting his intrest back in the Colts. Now before anyone says oh he is only 4 I remember watching when I was a kid around his age.

Sorry for the rant did anyone else feel tthe same way or im I just over reacting. I will say thank you Colts for all the great practices I was able to get some really nice photos and Im really looking forward to the season I saw alot of really good things in alot of the young players

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