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blog-0102128001325849999.jpgthe colts new gm is an important part of the colts organisation but if i was the colts

gm i would take a long look at this past season find the mistakes and flaws in the

team evaluate all the players and staff and see what need's to be improved on the

offense, defense and coaching staff after evaluating all the issues in the organisation

i would see how they preformed in the beginning of the season and how much

progression they put into their improve and how well they improved and how much

effort and dedication they put into their improvement because dedicated played is

important to this organisation from i would discuss my decisions on what i would want

to do with the players and their positions with mr. jim irsay get his approval and

disapproval on my decisions than i would make the necessary cuts and moves with

the players and positions and with the consideration of the draft coming to draft the

best possible players i can get of course using the draft picks to fill the positions need

most help and improvement and the other positions that need to filled i would use the

free agency time to fill the other positions that need to be filled keep the salary cap in

as i fill the positions but i would aggressive when filling the team roster find the best

fitting good players for the team as for the number 1 draft pick and peyton manning

situation i would first evaluate peyton manning's injury and if he could play at his highest

potential for the next season than i would sit down talk with peyton manning find out his

opinion and discuss the situation with him and look at all the possible solutions on how the

situations could be handled with best results for next season and other season to come

as for the as for the number one draft pick i would draft either andrew luck or rg3

depending on which one performs better at the combine and their last season with their

college teams i would taking the better fit for the team i think offense line and defense

line needs help the most improvement


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