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I can honestly say that I want the GM's job, now that may be that I am just an avid Colts fan and want to be a part of the organization but I believe that it is situations like the one the Colts are currently in that can leave a huge impact on football history. This is a similar situation to when the Colts drafted Manning (my hero) and that left an impact on Colts history just as great as Unitas. This is tough though, draft Luck and the Colts are out big time on money, and you have Peyton and Andrew, two great QBs that will fight for their position. There are other aspects that remain to be seen by the untrained eye, if I am not mistaken Wayne's contract runs out this year, will the Colts be able to pay him and draft Luck? Ahh see now the choice is not that easy is it? Plus the Colts defense needs some major changes, major, changes. It is extremely frustrating for me as a Colts fan to sit and see my team constantly get run over and scored on (do I need to mention the sunday night game against the Saints?). Not only that but you have the offensive line needs a good bit of work too plus there has been talk of a new coach...

It is all very simple to work out. Yes draft Luck. Sit back bide some time, look at what the rest of the league is doing. It is tough but pay Manning before the draft, and yes either trade Reggie or let him go, there is already a great Garcon to take his place plus if Collie stops getting head injuries (very much like myself) then you have another great WR. See if anyone is interested in a all-star DE (one going away won't worsen the defense, trade him for some better run blockers) such as Mathis. Pick up some players that will help you shake off some of the troubles, don't expect to make it to the Super Bowl but I can't imagine Huston taking the division again (I think there will be another division flag at Lucas Oil very soon). Land on your feet and fight, take some risks and change it up.

I can't tell you enough how much I hate it when ever the Colts lose and I don't want this to keep happening.

And PLEASE make Manning share some time with his back up if you don't draft Luck! Rogers did and see what Matt Flinn did when he knew the system well?


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