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If I Was Gm Of The Colts



I believe that if i was Gm , I would take my time to see what was out there in the league first. Because there is a lot of good players that get overlooked,. Is he a natural, what is his attitude twords the game and Indy, does he have a good family life. All these things have to be addressed, to comment on peyton would be ludacris at this point,since i have two disc out of my neck i understand what he is going through, but still we do need to look at a younger qaurterback . thats a realality. we also need to rebuild our aging offense line. also offensive coaching would need to be looked at. I would probably want to talk to the GM of the lions to see what changes he made to his team, they really gave everyone a big surprise this season. I can respect that. Defense did good this year, angerer really stepped up, but westill need some fast big guys on the line, technique needs to be re taught back to basics hard work and attention to detail,they all need taught to read the offense better and faster,we do pay them alot of money. I would as GM dedicate myself to finding the best at or below salary caps, its all about negotiaing.

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