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If I Were Gm



I would fire all the coaching staff and start anew. We didn't have a bad season because of 1 player. There was no chemistry among the players. Our offensive calling was too predictable. The defense was good at times, but we could not stop the 3rd and short yardage as we dropped our middle linebacker back beyond the yardage that was needed. The special teams have suffered for several years. It is bad when the punter has to make the tackle on punt returns.

I really think that teams should have a female input. There are a lot of us out there that know a lot about football and can spot the errors that need to be corrected.

I would not draft Andrew Luck, unless Manning cannot play, as he is a player that can start right away. If Manning can play, I would draft Robert Griffin III and have him learn behind Manning for a couple years. This will enable us to determine how long Manning can continue and have a good backup for him. We need defensive linemen that can stop the run.

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