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Why resigning Pagano was the right move



Okay I'm ready to eat my crow .I was calling for Pagano's head earlier in the season with the shortcomings of the offensive line ,the stale offense & the mediocre defense. What I saw in the second half particularly with pulling off a win IN THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON WITH 2 QUARTERBACKS ONE WEEK REMOVED FROM THE STREET and plugging them into a game situation and PULLING OFF A WIN,a win under the most dire of circumstances with contracts looming  etc .IMPRESSED THE HELL OUT OF ME for Chuck as a coach & a man plus when I saw the love the players and the rest of this town has for him and compared the records of past coaches here in their first four years HEY . CHUCK HAS A NEW ALLY HERE. Only thing I will ask is can I at least put ketchup on my crow before I eat it? :)   Go Colts!! 

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Coach Pagano never lost the players and he was hamstrung by Grigson making Coach play players he didn't want on  the field.  The look on Grigson's face at the press conference along with how Coach looked happy; I would say Grigson has been told to quit meddling in what players to play and to listen to coach on what players he needs for the team.  I hope this is the case as a coach is judged by who is on the field and how the team performs.

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