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Duron Carter



Why did the colts try so hard in the offseason to get Duron Carter and not even use him? The man is out there in practice snagging 4 touchdown catches, I mean really give the man a shot already. We want Duron!


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The only thing I would say is that there is more to being a WR to being big and catching the ball (though those traits definitely help). As evidenced by the disappearance of Andre Johnson, who also has those traits, perhaps Carter is not a great route-runner. That is what set Reggie apart since he didn't have blazing speed. He ran incredible routes with great footwork. He looked the same EVERY PLAY, coming at a DB. They never knew when or where he was breaking. That is the difference in getting open and not getting open.

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I thought once the rookie went down we would see Duron. Bring him in and let him do his stuff. I think he will amaze everyone and he won't be on the practice squad any longer!!!!

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