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Mock Draft: "If Tevin Coleman Is Available, Colts Should Take Him With 29th Pick



Defense has been the recurring theme amongst most Colts fans and NFL personalities as we draw nearer the upcoming draft. Most of the reasoning behind that being the team's innability to stop the run when it counts against the elite teams of the league. The image of LaGarrette Blount running wild against the Colts in the AFCCG in NE has been the latest rallying cry for why the team's primary focus should be on shoring up the defensive side of the ball. Still, the more prudent move might be for the team to solidify the future of the RB position by drafting such a talent as IU's Tevin Coleman. I know this isn't exactly a popular choice amongst the masses, but it just might be a move that could take the roof off of an offense that already has some pieces on it that will keep DCs up late at night for years to come. The only real weakness on the offensive side of the ball as far as skill position is at RB depth. Even though the addition of Frank Gore gives the team a bonified running threat they haven't had since Edgerrin James, there are legitimate question marks behind him. If Gore goes down at any point in the season for an extended time I'm not sure I'm willing to trust any of the current backups to carry the load. Are you ready to trust Vick Ballard and Boom Herron? Even with both being healthy, none of them have the type of home run ability that Coleman brings to the table. Not only does Coleman have good vision and great hands, he also has legitimate 4-3 speed. What's even more remarkable is that Coleman played through a broken toe on his right foot.

IU running backs coach Deland McCullough said "Coleman left some yards on the field due to the injury" and that could have made him the top rushing back out of college. The fact is Coleman is the type of talent that won't be around in the second round when the Colts pick at 61. The Patriots have scheduled a meeting with him as we speak (You don't want to see him go there do you?). After putting on an impressive show at his recent pro day, Coleman has put himself on the radar for several teams including the Colts. There is really only one player (Based on need mind you) in this year's draft I would take over Coleman in the 1st round if he were available and that player would be Safety Landon Collins due to the obvious team need at the position. However Collins most likely won't be their when the Colts pick as he will probably end up in Pittsburgh especially now that all world Safety Troy Palamolu has retired.

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