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LET ARE STARS SHINE COACHES and Let the Falling ones Go.



blog-0635462001417457471.jpgI am questioning the Coaches decisions to play some player.

The good

Jonathan Newsome -Should be on the field as a starter.

Shaun Phillips/Walden-They should be setting the edge next to the rookie.

Boom- Running like a RB should be.

Donte Moncrief - Takes the weight off Reggie and TY. Make are offense that much more dangerous.

The Bad

Josh Gordy Waive look at game films on blow outs some how he gets burnt and gives the other team a TD and Chuck has to put 1st string in. Evidence two plays against D. Jackson.

Why keep T-Rich on the offensive roster a nobody can hit the holes hard then this guy. I ve been patient with T-Rich but now as a employee your are not doing your job. TRADE

LaRon Landry- When are you going to play like a veteran?? Beside weight lifting do some home work study use your BRAIN.

Bjoern Werner- Should be playing at a level passed J.Newsome but is under achieving compared to the rookie.


Tipton into the mix behind Boom show T-Rich he is on that fine line.

Time to put in DB just in case one of are starter go down.

31 McDonald, Dewey 32 Brown, Jalil


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