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DB roster short of talent .



blog-0210679001414690203.jpgWhat do ya'll think we could of done some waivers or Trade Nicks for some help in the backfield ?

23 Purifoy, Loucheiz CB ACT 5'11" 188 12/16/1992 0 Florida

25 Brown, Jalil DB ACT 6'1" 207 10/14/1987 4 Colorado

31 McDonald, Dewey DB ACT 6'0" 220 6/10/1990 0 California (PA)

^^^Who are those guys and why keep them on the 53 man roster a lot of better F/A talent out there^^^^

32 Anderson, Colt FS ACT 5'10" 194 10/25/1985 5 Montana

38 Brown, Sergio FS ACT 6'2" 217 5/22/1988 5 Notre Dame

20 Butler, Darius FS ACT 5'10" 188 3/18/1986 6 Connecticut

27 Gordy, Josh FS ACT 5'11" 196 2/9/1987 4 Central Michigan

26 Howell, Delano FS RES 5'11" 196 11/17/1989 3 Stanford

30 Landry, LaRon FS EXE 6'0" 226 10/14/1984 8 LSU

Colt-32 never heard of this guy

Sergio-38 SP monster but coverage not so well

Butler-20 shows up when he feels like it last 2 season 4 int and a lot more production.

Gordy 27 keep that guy as a nickel db. Guy gets burnt 24/7

Howell-26 has he even played

Laron-30 "Hard hitter" that cant cover or make a rap up tackle.

Its just like last year too Greg Manusky ran that stupid man defense to the ground then got beat bad by the Rams and AZ. Its time to change and throw in some Zone Blitz and Nickle something other than Man.


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