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My Peyton Manning!

Cassie Login


Irsay is not loyal to his players or to the Colts fans!!!!! He is only loyal to his $$$$$$$$ account. He is nothing more than a bottom feeder feeding off the players and fans. That fake crying at the press conference!!! No one bought that show. Irsay you broke Peyton Mannings heart who is a future hall of famer. HE MADE THE COLTS A WINNING TEAM!!!!! I am unsubscribing to the team site and will be following PEYTON MANNINGS NEW TEAM. Irsay will be shedding REAL TEARS when Peyton is on the other side and beats the Colts into the turf!!!!!! Your Luck just ran out Irsay, you're a loser and so will the Colts be losing ticket sales, fans and a WHOLE LOT OF GAMES for a long time!!!!!! GOOD-BYE COLTS! HELLO PEYTON'S NEW TEAM!!!!


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