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Gameplan for Big divisional round game



Wt a great comeback last game. But we are facing patriots next week which will be tough for both offensively and defensively.

I think that the Patriots are a lot harder to beat than the Broncos.

After a monster game from TY Hilton, I m sure that Bill Belichick is going to shut down him in the slot.

To stop a high power passing offense, Bill Belichick usually uses IN and OUT zone coverage to double up the slot and back off the safeties. He would kindly give up the deep ball outside and the running game. This was wt the patriots did to the Broncos and Peyton Manning saw the gameplan perfectly.


-The Colts need to run the football more than they did against the KC with Donald Brown.

-Pass the ball to the outside more becoz the Patriots are going to lock down the inside passing game.


I know that Chuck Pagano would like to challenge the secondary to beat their man with single coverage. This plan is so dangerous against Tom Brady and after multiple injuries from Vontae Davis and Greg Toler, they both showed us that they had difficulty in single man coverage against the opponent's NO.1 WR. I know that this gameplan worked magnificently when they played the Broncos, but I have doubts on the healthiness of our CBs.

-Pass Rush have to get to the QB-Tom Brady

-play more Zones than Man to Man

We did very well in pass rush against KC last game but the Man Coverage didnt work out, so the Colts'D gave up a bunch of open receivers and we almost lost becoz of that.


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