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Payton Is The Colts



I am just devistated by the decision to release Payton ! I have been a Colts fan for as long as the Colts have been in Indy ! i think its a very poor buisness decision and jim, shame on you, wonder what your father thinks about this ? I created an email account just to be able to express my feelings and thoughts about this backstabbing buul crap decision. I live in Henryville, everyone knows what has recently occured here, Thank God the tornado missed my home by less than a mile but all around me is destruction ! You cant even put into words the horror of the annialation around here ! This is my home and darn it, Indy is Paytons home ! For lack of better words this just sucks ! We need a new owner not a new QB ! Jim, YOU are the one responsible for the lack of prepardness our team had to face with Paytons injuries not Paytons ! he did his job, and he did it better than anyone in recent history of the game ! You are the one who failed us all ! You rode on the skirt of Payton and did nothing to make this team what it is ! Im ashamed that you are the owner of such an awsome franchise !


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