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  1. Sorry I spelled it wrong! Sorry you don't like the contract terms. The POINT is, is this a key piece we need NOW to rebuild this defense NOW?
  2. grand slam FA run by breaking their mold and investing in Hawkins to a long term (7 yr) , ($7M/yr.) contract. He's young and could provide a core piece for our new defense for several years. Are there other quality options available? Draft or other?
  3. This seems like the 7 yr. $49 mil deal that needs to get done
  5. Thanks for the info Dirty M. He seems like a young, long term building block. A better option that Poe
  6. in the 1st through 4th rounds of this draft. Surely it is a year to fix our secondary for the next several years. Further, those 4th round picks we have may yield a NT, a RB, a LB and maybe a DE. I'm more optimistic about this draft than any in the last several years.
  7. They're obviously having a problem. Maybe they'd be interested in Dorsette and a 4th or ? Then we'd have a T.Y. clone. Not likely, but a significant upgrade
  8. After the 2016 draft, I posted "How could we pass on Whitehair in the 2nd round." Nothing else to be said.
  9. Did anyone notice the king doesn't have any clothers on?
  10. I know it is a long term habit, but STOP MAKING A FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF and the Colt's organization
  11. OL

    As the original poster, I ask you to reread the final line. Is Mgmt. committed or incompetent? Thank you for the responses, but after reading some of them, I have to ask "how do you define incompetence?"
  12. OL

    Three years ago, I posted that I thought Jack Mewhort would be our first draft pick because of his versatility to play OG or OT. (no 1st round pick that year thanks to another brilliant trade; it occurred in the 2nd round) Fortunately we got him. This spring I posted "How could we pass up Cody Whitehair in the 2nd round?" He could play C, OG, OT. Unfortunately we did. He was picked up by Chicago shortly after we drafted. Within the past two weeks, Josh Sitton became available. We didn't secure him. Chicago did. How different would our OL be today if we had acquired these players, when available? We've passed on two quality interior OL, one experienced, one a rookie, but both who would have improved our OL and the health of our franchise QB. I'm having a difficult time believing this management structure (Owner, GM, Coach) is committed to building a quality OL, alternatively, that they just don't have the ability to draft an OL.
  13. How could we pass on Whitehair in the second round?


    I like a lot of what we did, but we could have hit a grant slam by securing the core of the Offensive Line, with Mewhort/Kelly/Whiterhair, for Luck's entire career and chose not too.  Instead we went with a Safety, a LB with bad knees and character issues, and a back up Center.  WHY?  Is it the GM or the scouting staff? 

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