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  1. Long rebuild ahead

    If you aren't going to be in your prime in four years, you are trade-eligible now
  2. Who do you want as the next Colt's HC

    I think it is PEYTON TIME, with someone like Dungy as butt't head coach. Time to go with class!
  3. Sorry I spelled it wrong! Sorry you don't like the contract terms. The POINT is, is this a key piece we need NOW to rebuild this defense NOW?
  4. grand slam FA run by breaking their mold and investing in Hawkins to a long term (7 yr) , ($7M/yr.) contract. He's young and could provide a core piece for our new defense for several years. Are there other quality options available? Draft or other?
  5. Why no conversation about Hankins

    This seems like the 7 yr. $49 mil deal that needs to get done
  6. Why no conversation about Hankins

  7. Why no conversation about Hankins

    Thanks for the info Dirty M. He seems like a young, long term building block. A better option that Poe
  8. How could we pass on Whitehair in the second round?


    I like a lot of what we did, but we could have hit a grant slam by securing the core of the Offensive Line, with Mewhort/Kelly/Whiterhair, for Luck's entire career and chose not too.  Instead we went with a Safety, a LB with bad knees and character issues, and a back up Center.  WHY?  Is it the GM or the scouting staff?