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  1. As much as I want to say defense, adding another 1st round o-lineman makes sense. We need Andrew up-right and healthy. That right side of the line is still a question mark. Either way I'm happy with an oline pick, olb, Ilb, or cb.
  2. Agreed. I like Ballard's approach of bringing young guys in. I think Mitner could do good things here.
  3. Now that Ballard is the GM of the Colts, let's start talking about Free Agency. Do you think he will be aggressive, and go after big names, or be patient? The Colts' have money to spend, and lots of needs, so it will be interesting to see how he approaches it. Two names that make sense to me are Eric Berry and Dontari Poe, given Ballard's ties to KC. What do you guys think?
  4. How do you know they'd be good coaches? McDaniels wasn't great in Denver.
  5. No other good coaching options out there now. I think that's why he's sticking with Pags.
  6. Think Jimmy Raye may be be stepping in as GM given the fact that he interviewed for San Fran's GM? Irsay seems methodical, so I'm sure he has someone lined up.
  7. Woohoo!!! Jim Raye, maybe? He did interview for San Fran.
  8. This is not a good look, lol. What other options are there besides retaining Grigano? Harbaugh worth a pursue?
  9. What if Manning is brought in as the GM and does a horrible job. How in the world would Irsay be able to demote him or get rid of him?
  10. Maybe it tells you that Grigson isn't fully calling the shots right now. Hope that's the case.
  11. Glad I get to wear my Reggie jersey this season! You da man Reggie, thanks for everything you did for the Colts' organization!
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