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  1. Glad I get to wear my Reggie jersey this season! You da man Reggie, thanks for everything you did for the Colts' organization!
  2. It's never a bad idea to add another potential pass rusher, especially with the playoffs looming.
  3. 30-17 Colts! On the basis of strength of schedule, I feel the Colts are much more battle tested than the Pats this year. The Pats really only had two strong wins against the Saints(which shouldn't have happened) and the Broncos(where they were down double digit numbers). I think the Colts are going to do a lot better than what people are thinking. Look at the teams left in the playoffs in which we have faced and beaten in the regular season. Colts will take care of business.
  4. Say what you want about our defense, but they held the Bengals to 7 points (other 7 gifted by Ref) in the first half. I think if we could have found a way to produce on offense in the first half the game would have been completely different. With Greg Toler coming back, I think it will help our defense because Greg plays cover press man way better than Cassius and Darius. Also, now that Luck has confidence in Rodger and Brazill, I wouldn't be surprised if we go into KC and beat them. Go Colts!!
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