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  1. well hopefully if we take the lower end say 7 weeks(since the season opener is 5 weeks away) then he would only miss the first 2 home games, and frankly I think our D will be up to the task. I think Eason will surprise some folks, plus he doesn't have to carry the Colts. Seattle doesn't have that nasty D it once had and LA Rams well I am a Stafford fan but like last year in Detroit he can be harassed by our D. I think Indy will be up to the challenge.
  2. it wasn't that long ago under Grigson, he was spending and bringing in Free agents. We remember how that turned out, probably cost us a another future HOF QB, I guess we will never know. Ballard is actually building a team. I still find it funny that some fans wonder why he is keeping so much CAP, well it not rocket science on who we are going to have to pay soon. No my opinion is Ballard is doing it the right way and we may have even have gotten a QB out of this.
  3. Well lets hope if they are if needed to fill in they will at least put up some sort of resistance when a DE is on his way to the QB. I can't imagine them being worse, hopefully we won't have to find out
  4. I like what Chris Ballard is doing, you have to remember last year, no camp he had to go with those depth tackles we had. when AC went down they showed their true colors on how bad they were. CB will not make that mistake again. Can you imagine , knowing the competitor he is watching those turnstile LT. My opinion he takes a LT with 21 and has him for 5 years on the cheap so to speak. these other signings are just for better depth......JMO
  5. Good Luck to AC. See that's how you're supposed to do it. If you have thoughts of retiring do it right after your season ends. don't wait say until the last preseason game and the draft has gone by where trades may have been made to HELP your team and not put them in a bind.
  6. I was wondering why I haven't heard much from him this year or for that matter last year. I looked at his stats this year and he has only played 7 games, not sure how many he was a healthy scratch or not but he did play 16 last year. what I did find amazing was in 23 games he has played in he has a total of 17 tackles. 2.5 sacks and 1 FF. I know Ballard spoke really high of him when he was drafted but he seems like he is getting less and less in rotation and his stats seem to be really on the low side. Does anyone think this one of the Ballards rare misses in the draft, he is playing out of position or could it be like Jerry Hughes where it took him longer to develop, or are we just spoiled by Chris Ballard's drafting ability and finding players who contribute right away.
  7. Can't figure raiders out, they beat the chiefs once, played them tough twice but was in danger of losing to Jets. I think we get the Raiders that played the chiefs(they also know a playoff seeding may be on the line) Colts 28 Raiders 24. I thinks they have a problem with the speed of our defense
  8. I agree, there is no LT's out there and they don't fall off trees. that being said, my onion is ever since LT mentioned last year about retiring I think Ballard has probably instructed his scouts to make number one priority is to find that one the draft. I believe it's time to be grooming his replacement since he only has 1 yr left on contract. unfortunately his replacement cannot be found on this roster no matter how much you play the shell game with current O lineman.
  9. that's 2 special teams awards in 2 weeks https://www.colts.com/news/rodrigo-blankenship-afc-special-teams-player-of-the-week-11-green-bay-packers
  10. I have been a colts fan forever and have lived through pretty crappy coaches and GM's. I can say without a doubt the Ballard/Reich regime has the Colts pointing in the right direction. Compared to the last(which i blame for the beginning of the end of AL). Ballard is a finder of talent that no one else sees and Reich and staff can coach these guys up to be successful not just fitting a square peg in round hole. Case in point 2013 draft, Bjorn Werner taken by RG at 24, behind him were the likes of DeAndre Hopkins, Leveone Bell, Travis Kelce, Zack Ertz, Travis Fredick, Cordelle Patterson and Xavier Rhodes(which is funny we have him now). I know there is no crystal ball but all I have mentioned did pretty well in college except for Werner. My point is the roster is stacked with young contributors and that D is now a Monster. Can't wait to see when they turn their attention to the O side.
  11. They have been all been great contributor's, and yes I hope Eason turns out to be the man
  12. so I'm surprised Pinter never got a shot there. didn't he play some RT at Ball State?
  13. Sorry if this has been answered, I did not see it. I ask because I wanted to see how he's done. I couldn't find his stats in any box scores, I've been excited with all the talk this week but again I see nothing on him. Was he a late game scratch?
  14. Looks like the game is going to most of the country, the Colts should make a good showing https://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2020&wk=11
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