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  1. right its 4am in the UK, chuffed for Peyton and its time to go to bed, cheers for the company people, see you next season and lets hope its Mr Luck lifting that trophy this time next year
  2. will be another first rounder wasted this year
  3. hypocrites man another thing to add is when they played in the championship game Manning won more
  4. I really hope Peyton doesn't come back, hes been the best and he should definitely leave it at that
  5. dislike how the owners get the trophy first
  6. How many did they win without spying on the opposition or deflating the ball? The surefire argument between the 2 is when they both missed a season what happened to their teams
  7. Well doen Denver in particular Peyton, Defence were outstanding but nobody deserves this finish more than #18
  8. The most valuable quarterback to his team of all time for me
  9. Love you Peyton for all the joy your brought to me at the Colts but its time to ride off into the sunset at the top as you deserve it
  10. Not quite 2006 season level of emotion but quite emotional for Peyton here if they dont mess it up
  11. how many timeouts have the panthers got left?
  12. at least peyton got something into the end zone
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