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  1. People if you cannot add anything of substance to the thread, please don't bother posting. Most of you have a reading comprehension problem. You say things like, "Stupid thread", which I myself said I thought it was a stupid idea previously. Of you say Luck is the only thing holding this team together, when I never said anything about the team not sticking together. All I wanted to do was to get some "constructive dialogue" started. Here is the bottom line. 1. The Colts have and have had defensive problems for many years. 2. We have consistently had the highest or
  2. I believe it's some of the problem along with the offensive "weapons" they bought for him, like they did for Peyton. As I said earlier, the Colts have had defensive problems for many years. They spend most of the money on offense.This is a fact.
  3. Hey Guys, I like Luck, but this team has had this defensive problem for many years. It was the same way when Peyton was here. We've had mediocre defenses at best. All the time,our quarterbacks were the highest paid in the league and they had to have weapons, which left the defense lacking. There are good teams who are consistently in the playoffs that don't pay their quarterbacks as much. I just think we need to give some love to the defense. At least when Peyton was here, they protected him. If we keep going the way we are Luck will get killed. We cannot expect hi
  4. At this time, there are only 24 posts in this thread, not 40, so don't be a knucklehead. I just threw this topic out for a discussion! To hear different POVs.
  5. This may be true, but if we don't keep him protected he may not be around for long! Again, I never said that Luck was bad, you guys need to re-read my original post. It's not so much about Luck, but the reason the team as a whole is so inconsistent, undisciplined and seem to be outplayed by everybody, ie Jacksonville. We need better players, this is obvious. The question is how can we do it and still keep Luck?
  6. Debunked? I've not seen nor heard where it's been debunked. Look at the talent or lack thereof we have on this team. Old guys, guys who have injury histories and young unproven guys. Sure there have been a few bad picks by Grigs, but just watch Luck being killed and our defense being torched and missing tackles left and right. Quality players don't perform like this and you have to pay to get quality players.
  7. I've seen past posts where people have said we need to get rid of Andrew Luck and I thought that it was a stupid idea, but after today's game I have reconsidered. Not because I think that Luck isn't a good quarterback, but for these reasons. Because the Colts are paying so much for him, we don't have the money for enough QUALITY players on defense or offense. Look at the teams we have lost to. Most of them have quarterbacks with nowhere near the caliber of Luck, but their offensive lines and their defense seem to outplay us handily. Maybe it's time to consider the quality of the pl
  8. I have said since last year that Grigs and Pagano should have been sacked! As I've stated before, Pagano seems to be a very nice man, but what he and Grigs have built (the Monster) is a monster in only a negative sense. Grigs and Pagano are responsible for the players we have, the coaches we have and all of their performances. The Colts are dying a death by a thousand cuts!
  9. I'm glad that Gore voiced his opinion also. There are too many things wrong with this team. No pass rush, age issues and inexperience in the secondary, poor tackling, inexperience on the O-line. questionable play calling.and mediocre run-blocking. Not to mention injuries! It seems to have gotten worse after the strength and conditioning coaches were fired! I truly believe that Irsay made a mistake by keeping Grigs and Pagano, as much as I like Chuck as a person...
  10. I don't mean that the team likes losing, however the chemistry make up of some teams can take loosing less seriously than others. For instance, if you have a team with several guys who aren't "all-in" like Reggie alluded to his last season with the Colts.These type of players will not leave it all on the field, they are there for a paycheck only. Whether they are about to retire or want to go to another team. We have a lot of inexperienced rookies with some at times, questionable coaching. Some of the older vets see this and realize their chances of hoisting the Lombardi that year
  11. After more than a decade of the Peyton Manning era excellence we have slowly succumbed to a culture of losing. It seems that since last year, the Colts have gotten progressively worse in all phases. We can't run the ball, we can't stop the run. Special Teams is marginal at best and our defense is just as bad. And after giving Luck that huge contract, protecting him was supposed to be our number 1 priority. Folks, we just played an 0-3 team, that had five hits and 3 sacks on Luck in the first half! They ran on us at will, our pass rush was for the most part nonexistent and the secondary got bla
  12. TH3RAINM4N, Welcome to Colts Nation. It's all about the TEAM here!
  13. ColtStronger, THAT'S exactly my point! It will be, "Sams breaks his first NFL sweat." "Sams talks to his first NFL coach." "Sams just sneezed his first NFL sneeze!" Etc...
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