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  1. Soooo .. no discussion of putting Newton behind a good offensive line - getting another receiver, adding more D in the draft and Winning a Super Bowl???
  2. That is Hot Garbage. FIVE PLAYS ?? Cherry-picking Five plays is as infantile as it gets. And this is from their "Statistical Analysis" lady ....
  3. A Great read if you are 12 years old and have never played even backyard football in your life. Amateur, juvenile blathering nonsense. And Proven WRONG now ... Those children are clowns.
  4. I'll bet some people are going to be happy. As in - all the ones moving up one spot on the Waiting list. And unless Chuck and Ryan are fired - I'll be saving a bunch of Money next year.
  5. Ahh - the good old days - when Colt fans used to complain about "only" making the Playoffs... ...And speaking of the good old days .. How is it possible that "The WORST COACH IN NFL HISTORY" - can win more games with the Lions than the Colts will?
  6. Dirty Laundry, Shmirty Laundry - I don't care. It's public record that this guy had DUI's at Notre Dame AND in Phoenix... He is up to like 4. To get rewarded for that behavior is one of the MANY and CLEAR reasons the NFL is losing viewership. Character actually means something. You get one ... Fine - Everybody makes mistakes. FOUR ??? How is this guy not in prison? And then to watch the NFL PR Baloney after these type of actions is nauseating. When you pass out drunk driving a 3,000 pound motor vehicle...you are EXTREMELY LUCKY to ONLY be arrested.
  7. Well - at least it's not like it's the most important game of the year or anything ..
  8. Are you watching the Colts game? That was as bad a defensive play as Luck's was bad offensively.
  9. Could be 6 and 0? Sure - and I could have married Heather Locklear and won the Lottery. But I didn't. And the Colts are 3-5...on their way to 5-11.
  10. You Bet. And I would just about extend that to WR's and TE's at this point. There are so many "talent" guys out there now .. the real difference seems to be Line play. The perfect concrete example is the Pokes.. Demarco Murray fell off the map without those road graders .. and I'm pretty sure Frank Gore would AVERAGE 100 a game behind THAT line... the holes they open you can drive a Big Rig through.
  11. Well - maybe not. BUT - how is it those guys NEVER make a mistake that seems to really hurt them.....Always seem to execute to perfection.....Always play smart football.....Etc. Etc. Etc. AS much as it seems like shoving a grenade down a very VERY dead horse's throat - it IS COACHING. Those guys won NFL games with a THIRD STRING QB - WHO HAD AN INJURY. Oh - and they also pay their QB a WHOLE bunch of money. So the garbage about Luck and his contract is nonsense. They have a plan, they are VERY smart about it, and they hold EVERYONE accountable. NO ex
  12. Yea - Thats the last time I saw the Colts THIS bad... AND this poorly coached.
  13. NO ONE was "constantly calling for Mannig's head" .. that's ridiculous.
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