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  1. 23 minutes ago, FortheWin said:

    This will effectively kill the Chiefs dynasty before it even began ... Mahomes if he was smart would be asking for his mega contract right now.

    I don't think he has anything to worry about. He's a 24 year old with an MVP and Super Bowl championship under his belt. If the Chiefs don't/can't pay him $35-40 mil a year, some other team will. Regardless, he's going to get paid.

  2. 1 hour ago, richard pallo said:

    FWIW Peter King just said on PFT that he hopes Ballard knows what he is doing.  He doesn't see the signing.  Florio agrees.  They said he was in the bottom of the league the last two years.  Oh well. 

    They act like Ballard gave him a 6 year deal with a huge cap hit.  It's a 1 year deal.  If it works out, great.  If it doesn't, both sides move on.  In my opinion, it's low risk, high reward

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  3. 12 hours ago, jvan1973 said:

    How can you be terrible and get a pro bowl nod?

    The same way a guy can play at an elite level and not get a Pro Bowl nod, like Darius Leonard in 2018.  The Pro Bowl is more just a popularity contest based on name recognition.  I like to use All Pro nods as the more reliable indicator of a guy's play.  Aaron Rodgers made the Pro Bowl last year even though his numbers were nothing special (barely hit 4000 yards, didn't hit 30 TDs).

  4. 52 minutes ago, jvan1973 said:

    How did he make the Pro bowl?


    56 minutes ago, superrep1967 said:

    Yeah that’s why he made the pro bowl last season come on now

    Pro Bowl nods don't real mean anything anymore, so I wouldn't really use that as a basis of how well a player is playing.


    As for Rhodes, this is just a 1 year deal.  If he comes in and is awful, we don't re-sign him next year and we move on.  At the very least, he's a veteran with plenty of success, so he can mentor guys like Rock Ya-Sin and Marvell Tell.


    Yes, he was awful last year.  But he'll be 30 when the season starts, so still plenty of football left in him and plenty of opportunity for him to regain form

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  5. 9 minutes ago, Nate! said:

    His wife is in perpetual labor



    I think it's the coronavirus holding things up.  I believe that was the issue with Brady and the Bucs as well.  Physicals are required for nearly every contract, and teams like to conduct those with their own doctors, but with travel restrictions and all that, it makes things more difficult.  This was a topic on the Pat McAfee Show the other day.



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  6. 1 hour ago, Mitch Connors said:

    I think the age and injuries are wildly overstated on this forum unless you also wouldn't agree to take Luck back.

     Cam is the same age as Luck and hes basically the exact same size.

     Both have lost multiple games/seasons to injury BUT...

     Cam has played in a SB and won an MVP. 

    I agree.  I think he's better than his reputation, especially on here.  A healthy Cam utilized properly by coaches is still a dangerous weapon, in my opinion.  I think teams are just waiting for the dust to settle, so to speak.  The first dominoes have fallen (Rivers, Brady, Brees, etc.), so now it's time for teams to re-organize their priorities and time for that second tier of QBs to find a home, like Dalton, Cam, and Jameis.  Another factor as to why he doesn't have a team yet is probably because there are so many available options and not that many jobs.

  7. 4 minutes ago, ColtJax said:

    This is what happens with the salary cap. Good players are basically given away because they need that money for another position.

    If they wanna pinch pennies, 4 years/$118 mil/$62 mil guaranteed to Tannehill was insane.  He played well for them, but almost $30 mil a year for a guy who doesn't even average 250 yards a game?


    I'm also not a cap expert, but I imagine they could have restructured Casey's deal to save some cap money.


    And if all that fails, they could still have gotten much better than a 7th round pick for him.

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  8. I understand his cap hit is a little high, but he's 30 years old and can still play.  And after the run they had in the playoffs, I'd imagine the Titans are in win-now mode, so getting rid of him doesn't fit in with that.  On top of it all, they only got a 7th rounder back for him.  Crazy

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  9. 3 minutes ago, MTC said:

    Colts still have enough draft capital to trade up for Jordan Love.


    Brissett is more likely than not getting traded to a new team. It's really difficult to see him and Rivers together, but stranger things have happened.

    I think he'd be a great fit in Chicago.   They don't need an MVP level QB.  They need someone who won't turn the ball over and won't cost them games while the defense suffocates opponents.  Same goes for Minny.

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  10. 13 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Can't read defenses, can't read coverages

    Interesting that you say this.  NFL.com and Walter Football both say the opposite.




    Big, talented full-field scanner able to find the right read and sling it around the yard from the pocket or on the move....He trusts his protection while working through coverages and route development


    Walter Football:



    Field vision

    Good decision-making


    At the same time, the video and NFL.com say he needs to improve his touch on his throws whereas Walter Football says "On top of power, Herbert shows a nice ability to loft in touch passes and throw receivers open"


    Three different sources say three different (sometimes contradictory) things about the same prospect.  That's why evaluating prospects and scouting is so difficult and is more an art than a science.  At the end of the day, the only important thing is how Ballard, the scouts, and the coaches feel about him.

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  11. 3 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    He had 4 Blocks again tonight and his defense is Elite. When you lead the league in Blocks your defense is Elite. Pacers win again and won without Vic over the Spurs. Pacers have won 4 in a row. Why do people just post when we lose? Any true fan would post and give credit where credit is due after winning 4 in a row. This isn't against you so don't take it wrong but it is funny how nobody posts when we roll, we haven't lost in a week and nobody posts about our wins. We are now 5th in the East only 2 games back of Miami for the #4.

    I'd say it's because they're underwhelming wins. A 4 game winning streak is nice, but the Pacers didn't beat a single playoff team in those 4 games.  It's meaningless to beat up on weak teams.  The last few times the Pacers played a playoff team, it was:

    -embarrassing blowout loss to Toronto

    -beat the Bucks who didn't have Giannis

    -lost to Brooklyn

    -lost to Toronto back to back

    -lost to Dallas

    -lost to Utah


    The next 5 games will be very telling.  We've got the Bucks, Bulls, Mavs, Celtics, and 76ers coming up.  Let's see how this team responds against some real competition

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  12. 9 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I here what you are saying but it just wasn't 1 good performance. Turner led the league in Blocks for a whole season last season (played in 74 games) with 2.7 per game. That means he brings it defensively every night. Most guys are all about offense, Turner is about defense which those guys aren't always easy to find.

    Again, you don't pay a guy $20 mil a year and give him 30 mins a night so he can be the league leader in blocks.  I understand his defense is elite, but that's not good enough at this level.  He needs to do more

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  13. 11 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Myles Turner 8 Blocks and 10 Rebounds tonight, yeah he sucks lets trade him according to some in here lmao . His offensive numbers can be better but we have Sabonis for that. Turner's defense is priceless and some people just keep overlooking it. The Pacers are now 34-24 and realistically have a shot at the 4 seed still. This team isn't as bad as people keep saying they are. We have had a few stinkers lately but it isn't even March yet. Nice blowout win tonight by us.

    One good performance doesn't negate a career of underwhelming performances.


    He's still averaging less than 12 points and 7 rebounds this year despite being a starting 6'11" C with nearly 30 mins a night.  You don't pay a guy $20 mil a year and give him starter minutes so he can put up 12 and 7, have a PER of 14.5 (below league average), and have less rebounds than Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, Lonzo Ball, and James Harden.  The Pacers are among the worst RPG teams in the league, and Turner has no excuse for his contribution to that.  He's soft.

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