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  1. Might as well go ahead and prepare yourself for next years draft too. When the Colts finish this season anything like last season or better, you can expect Ballard to trade out of the 1st round again. Unless the supposed QB class of 2020 throws a wrench in the process, there probably won't be any "premium" players between 26-32 again.
  2. I live in NC and have had to watch alot of Panthers games over the years. Funchess is not a super star, but he is a serviceable receiver with room and the ability to get better. He is a big body, goes up and fights for catches and has good game speed. He has made some spectacular catches and had some drops that should be easy catches. Don't completely judge him by the numbers you see on PFF. Funchess has SCam Newton throwing him the ball. Like Ballard says " watch the tape". Balls are constantly behind Panther receivers, thrown high, thrown low and thrown into contact. Newton can't throw a good timing route to save his life. Newton holds the ball as long as he can nearly every time. IMO that way he can just run and be the super star and celebrate EVERY SINGLE 1ST DOWN HE GETS. One year contract is perfect for this deal. $10 mil ,$3 mil in incentives.
  3. I somewhat agree about getting him out of that locker room, but I'm still cautiously skeptical at the same time. I believe that Tomblin carries 95% of the blame for the Steelers problems!! My Steelers fan friends agree. He let this become a problem by not putting a stop to their behavior. What a player does on their social media or radio show is their business, unless it disrupts a team or its locker room. How do you think Bill Cowher would have handled these situations? I think AB is, by all accounts from most teammates, a very hard working dedicated player. He is not helping his case right now on social media if he is trying to show that "teammate" mentality. They way he handled their last game of the year was all wrong too. I'm just not sure if it is worth taking a chance on putting a possible distraction in our locker room. I'm 50/50 on it. He would absolutely make a huge impact on our Offense. I believe Frank's demeanor and having TY there would have a big influence on him. He and TY have been friends since TY's dad coached them in Pop Warner. I would love to have him on the field on gamedays. Just not sure if its worth the risk with what the Colts would have to give up in the upcoming draft ot drafts.
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