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  1. The Habs are going to give me a heart attack. If given the chance, I would also strangle the refs.

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    2. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      If you get a chance..watch the classics from years back when the Habs had their squad, and the Islanders had Trottier and Bossy..man were they some series..and also dont forget the Bruins of old either...all sports in genereal need to go back to the old days..and watch some of the all time greats...they would learn quite a lot.

    3. Andy


      and the Bruins had Orr and Esposito, and the Flyers had Clarke, Jets had Hull... Would have killed to see those days.

    4. MAC


      CF4L - of course back then those were the new days. The old days were Richard, Plante, Harvey, Geoffrion, etal whom older fans I'm sure would have considered even better than the 70s squads. But I'd take the 70's team in a nanosecond.

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