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  1. They are a team that no one can count out. Although this short season with some funny nuances will carry an asterisk , I'm still really looking forward to some live sports. MLF has been my only source of sports entertainment Lol. Major League Fishing
  2. Same here doing well been really busy , have a huge garden with a longtime childhood friend be reaping the rewards within a couple weeks.
  3. I must disagree on one thing . The Reds are probably Stronger than you might think they will come into play.
  4. Well lets hope we can all add history this year , even though it will need an asterisk with it . It sounds fairly certain the season owners and MLB came up starts in July 1rst with no fans and a location still being worked on. I will be glad to watch some baseball but accomplishments wont mean much. Sorry PT I just seen you posted on the start of season.
  5. Yes I like what the Colts have done , and looking forward to IU's FB season as well.
  6. Im good Brother , would like to see some form of MLB and hoping for a full NFL and College Football season . Family is all fine as I hope all of yours are as well.
  7. Hope you all are well . Still plugging along here . On vacation this next 9 days trying to get outdoor work and around the house caught up. Sure could use some St Louis Cardinal baseball , and wouldn't mind some Cubs and Reds as well. Was really looking forward to this season to see how it played out . If it does in fact play out now it wont rate as a real season to me , not that I still wouldn't enjoy it.
  8. I will still take the many over the recent Lol , really wouldn't be a fair trade.
  9. Yes I'm ok as well . My job considered essential , so yes I'm working . We have live cases of people in the plant that have been quarentened . If you heard about the firefighter in Terre Haute that died , his wife works in HR in our plant and has also tested positive according to reports I've gotten . I and my wife have been taking many supplements to boost immune system . Vitamin C with Zinc 1000mg Echinasea , Golden Seal , Genseng . So far so good. Baseball would be good right now .
  10. Yes that's what I'm hearing as well . Probably be a spring training type circuit.
  11. I am disappointed season will be delayed and possibly canceled . In the grand scheme of things it pales in comparison to everything that's going on. We shall see what transpires. My thought and word is fear not , live in the faith of our Lord and look up for your redemption draws nigh. Love you all.
  12. I have not watched the Cards Game , although I seen highlights of KK [ Kim ] pitching nasty slider both corners great control. On another note Brett Cecil looked good as well. I don't think the Cards will be hurting for pitching.
  13. Yes I don't know how losing Beltran will effect them . Time will tell and yes I agree not fair to fans if they don't make a real effort to put a winner on the field. We shall see how it goes .
  14. I think the Reds will be good as well. Pitching may be a bit short but time will tell there.
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