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  1. False statement Lol , what happened to 2011 . Lol i see someone pointed that out already now. I believe the Cards are heading in the right direction. Unload a couple lead weights and we will see what happens. a couple additions in the right area and they are on their way.
  2. Actually Hudson looks healthier and read than Flaherty . I just dont want any of these youngsters carreers wrecked for no good reason
  3. Well I am looking forward to actually getting to see some baseball. Im sick of the greed from sports networks and viewing providers doesnt matter cable or satellite . they have pretty much made it impossible for me to watch the national pastime.
  4. Actually dont think it matters , its a one game crap shoot , i guess your right Dodgers would be better to face up against in that. Right now St Louis is the best team in the league . much like they were earlier in the year. Then the Houdini . I gave them no chance 3 weeks ago and look anything can happen. Bringing back some memories but its not likely they repeat them . Problem is i dont get to watch these games and enjoy.
  5. I Agree , I couldnt believe what they off loaded and that definetly does'nt bode well for Wrigleyville . I was like what are they thinking wow .
  6. Yes your correct , they probably have the toughest schedule down the stretch .
  7. I thought Waino had signed Lol , not been a baseball year for me because of viewing restrictions .Hope to remedy that before next year . Without watching its difficult to give opinions on whats going on.
  8. I agree he's not even a pimple on his dads ___ you can fill in the blank
  9. I agree you dont dig a hole for the future salvaging a season probably already lost. They dump some major salary at end of year . I would sign Waino for another year along with Molina until they prove they cant do it anymore. Looking forward to Reyes in the rotation and the exit of C Martinez what a head case. I believe the Cards will have one of the most dominant rotations in the game. They will have to find good relief help through FA though.
  10. NFL has to be pleased with her Mets . Cards are an afterthought with the rotation decimated much as any other team without a decent rotation . If the Cards dont make a move I will be pulling for the Reds , and i really dont see either the Cards or Cubs making any major move in the state they are in . Not only pitching but freak injuries add up. Its been hard to follow the game like I want because of TV restrictions . Used to be able to watch the Cards , Cubs and Reds all three . Those were the good ole days. Im optimistically looking forward to the Colts and IU as well as ND football . can watch all three.
  11. Yep i dont believe they have the pitching without him unless they go sign someone or trade. They are refusing to use Reyes as a starter for this year. Nice win against the Dodgers last night.
  12. https://www.mlb.com/news/jack-flaherty-injured-list-oblique-strain
  13. Joe Buck is not his Dad , and hes no Cards fan . Hes a Johnny come lately fan and wishy washy . I really havent much use for him. I must say Im glad he isnt a broadcaster for the Cards. one thing that drives him is the bucks pardon the pun.
  14. Lol nothing to hang our head about , long season and they will be coming to our ballpark. Cards are not at 100 percent . Warm weather approaching then look out Goldy will catch fire as will Dejoung . Wont be a lineup most want to face . Molina a bit rusty from time off as well. I would loved to seen Reyes in the rotation though. But with Hicks out they need him where he is.
  15. Yes something on my to do list , never been in there.
  16. He would've been in St Louis it wouldve been do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars go directly to jail They dont tolerate nonsense in their ballpark .
  17. You are correct after All Star break and trade deadline . Going into last of July and early August is when the chips are down , and we really see whos who.
  18. I dont really mind it seems only one person i seen complained though. So who officially runs this thread ? Lol Im finally back on days so actually will have time to post some now . How about your Mets NFL ? Not bad so far .
  19. Lol yes here i am unfortunately I cant watch most of the games. Gonna have to go back to the radio broadcast .
  20. Hey all i just got back on line after moving no internet . However now using hot spot , lol going to be alot of catch up. Anyway im still with you . Go Colts !
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