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  1. PrincetonTiger
    Everything Will Be Okay:
    Coach Arians can handle the Head Coaching position
    Grigson has a method to his madness and knows what he doing
    Coby Fleener will be a GREAT NFL player
    The Receiving Corps can replace Austin Collie
    The OL will gel together
    and remember
    Everything Will Be Okay!!!!!!!
  2. PrincetonTiger
    The Pony Express makes first run from St. Joseph's, Missouri to Sacramento, California
    Richmond is Captured
    Billy The Kid is killed
    Jack the Ripper slayings begin
    Oscar Wilde Libel Case opens
    Joseph Stalin becomes General Secretary of the Soviet Union Communist Party
    Japanese begin attack on Bataan Peninsula
    The Leader of the Bataan Death March is executed
    The Marshall Plan is signed by Harry Truman
    The Leadbeader Possum is rediscovered
    The First Mobile Phone Call is made
    The Unabomber is arrested in Montana
    April 3 Births
    1783-Washington Irving
    1823-Edward Everett Hale
    1893-Leslie Howard
    1907-Iron Eyes Cody
    1924-Doris Day
    1926-Gus Grissom
    1934-Jane Goodall
    1941-Jan Berry
    1942-Wayne Newton
    1944-Tony Orlando
    1949-Lyle Alzado
    1958-Alec Baldwin
    1959-David Hyde Pierce
    1961-Eddie Murphy
    1969-Rodney Hampton
    1982-Jared Allen
    1986-Amanda Bynes
    April 3 Deaths
    1882-Jesse James
    1982-Warren Oates
    1993-Pinky Lee
    2007-Eddie Robinson
  3. PrincetonTiger
    1.Can You name the 3 home stadiums of the modern Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts?
    2.What was the original color scheme of the Baltimore Colts?
    3.What is the current Colt color scheme?
    4.Name the Colts Championship years?
    5.Name the Colt Mascots?
    6.What sideline attraction the Colts have first in the NFL?
    7.Name the League/Conference History of the Colts?
    8.What original NFL team can the Colts trace their lineage to?
    9.What league did the original Baltimore Colts a part of?
    10.Name 5 Colt Hall of Famers?
    11.What are the retired Colt jerseys?
    12. What players are in the Ring of Honor?
    13.Who was the first draft pick of the Colts?
    14.Who did the Colts pick #1 in 1955?
    15.What future Hall of Famer did the Colts select with the 10 pick of the 1960 draft?
    16.In what years did the Colts not have a 1st round pick?
    17.Can You name the Colts Colt Lineage?
    18.What Coach won the fewest games as a Colt Coach?
    19.In what Indiana town did Weeb Ewbank grow up?
    20.Can you name the 5 interim coaches in Colt history?
    Answers to come....
  4. PrincetonTiger
    The United States House of Representatives have first quorom and elect Frederick its first Speaker of the House
    Samuel Morey patents the internal combustion engine
    The Wrigley Company is founded in Chicago
    The Royal Air Force is formed
    Adolph Hitler is sentenced to 5 years for his role in the "Beer Hall Putsch"
    Spanish Civil War Ends
    Russians set up land blockade of West Berlin
    President Eisenhower establishes the United States Air Force Academy
    The United States Department of Transportation begins operation
    Apple Inc. is formed
    Iran officially overthrows its Shah
    Croatia and Albania join NATO
    April 1 Births
    1883-Lon Chaney Sr.
    1885-Wallace Beery
    1920-Toshiro Mifune
    1929-Jane Powell
    1929-Bo Schembechler
    1932-Gordon Jump
    1932-Debbie Reynolds
    1939-Ali McGraw
    1939-Phil Neikro
    1944-Rusty Staub
    1952-Annette O'Toole
    1955-Terry Nichols
    1961-Susan Boyle
    1965-Mark Jackson
    1973-Rachel Maddow
    1976-John Gosselin
    1980-Randy Orton
    1980-Bijou Phillips
    1982-Sam Huntington
    1983-Sean Taylor
    1988-Brook Lopez
    1988-Robin Lopez
    April 1 Deaths
    1917-Scott Joplin
    1946-Noah Beery Jr.
    1984-Marvin Gaye
    1988-Jim Jordan
    1996-John McSherry
    2010-John Forsythe
  5. PrincetonTiger
    Port of Boston closed by the3 British Government
    The ports of Japan were opened to American trade by Commodore Matthew Perry signing the Treaty of Kanagawa
    The Eifel Tower opened
    The Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States(NCAA) is established
    Construction of the RMS Titanic begins
    The US take possession of the Danish East Indies and rename them the US Virgin Islands
    Daylight Savings in the USA goes into effect for the first time
    The Hays Code goes into effect covering Motion Pictures
    Knute Rockne killed in plane crash near Bazaar, Kansas
    The 14th Dalai Lama is granted assylum in India
    The First WrestleMania takes place in Madison Square Garden
    The USS Missouri is decommisioned
    Selena is murdered
    March 31 Births
    1732-Joseph Haydn
    1878-Jack Johnson
    1907-Eddie Quillan
    1919-Frank Akins
    1922-Richard Kiley
    1927-Cesar Chavez
    1928-Gordie Howe
    1929-Liz Claiborne
    1932-John Jakes
    1934-Shirley Jones
    1935-Herb Alpert
    1940-Barney Frank
    1940-Patrick Leahy
    1943-Christopher Walken
    1945-Gabe Kaplan
    1948-David Eisenhower
    1948-Al Gore
    1948-Rhea Perlman
    1950-Ed Marinaro
    1962-John Taylor
    1965-Tom Barrasso
    1971-Pavel Bure
    1980-Chien-Ming Wang
    1984-James Jones
    March 31 Deaths
    1727-Sir Isaac Newton
    1850-John C. Calhoun
    1913-J.P. Morgan
    1931-Knute Rockne
    1945-Anne Frank
    1956-Ralph DePalma
    1980-Jesse Owens
    1986-Jerry Paris
    1993-Brandon Lee
    1998-Tim Flock
    2003-Anne Gwynne
    2005-Frank Perdue
    2005-Terry Schiavo
    2008-Bill Keightly
  6. PrincetonTiger
    The Florida Territory is created
    Ether Anesteshia is used for the first time
    Bleeding Kansas-Border Ruffians move in from Missouri to vote in a Pro-Slavery Legislature
    Alaska is purchased by the US known as Sewards Folly
    Texas is readmitted to the Union after Reconstruction
    The Queensboro Bridge opens
    The University of Southern Mississippi is founded
    Nurrenberg Bombings
    The Easter Offensive starts in Vietnam
    President Reagan is shot
    March 30 Births
    1853-Vincent van Gogh
    1902-Brooke Astor
    1913-Frankie Laine
    1922-Turhan Bey
    1926-Peter Marshall
    1930-John Astin
    1935-Willie Gailmore
    1940-Jerry Lucas
    1945-Eric Clapton
    1950-Robbie Coltrane
    1957-Paul Reiser
    1962-MC Hammer
    1965-Piers Morgan
    1968-Celine Dion
    1976-Ty Conklin
    1979-Norah Jones
    1984-Samantha Stosur
    March 30 Deaths
    1968-Bobby Driscoll
    1985-Harold Peary
    1986-James Cagney
    2003-Michael Jeter
    2006-Red Hickey
    2010Jaime Escalante--Subject of the film Stand and Deliver
  7. PrincetonTiger
    Swedish colonists establish first European settlement in Delaware
    Appomattox Campaign begins
    Royal Albert Hall in London is oprned
    The Knights of Columbus are established
    Dr. John Pemberton brews first batch of Coca-Cola
    Adolf Hitler receives 44.5 million votes out of 45.5 million people(99%) in referendum to reoccupation the Rhineland
    The Rosenbergs are convicted of treason
    Lt. William Calley is convicted of premeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison for his role in the My Lai Massacre
    The Jury recommends the death penalty for Charles Manson and three female followers
    Mariner 10 reaches Mercury
    March 29 Births
    1790-John Tyler
    1867-Cy Young
    1889-Warner Baxter
    1902-Don Miller-Member of Notre Dame's Four Horseman
    1917-Man O' War
    1918-Pearl Bailey
    1918-Sam Walton
    1937-Billy Carter
    1943-Eric Idle
    1943-Sir John Major
    1944-Terry Jacks
    1945-Walt Fraizer
    1955-Earl Campbell
    1964-Elle MacPherson
    1967-Brian Jordan
    1971-Robert Gibbs
    March 29 Deaths
    1788-Charles Wesley
    1992-Paul Henreid
    2009-Andy Hallett
  8. PrincetonTiger
    Have You moved over from Colts Direct or are you new and what was your CD moniker?
    I moved over from MyColts and Colts Direct I was known as Princeton Tiger and Scot Anmdrew Plemmons.
  9. PrincetonTiger
    French and Britian declare war on Russia in the Crimean War
    1920 Palm Sunday Tornado outbreak
    Constantinople and Angora change their names to Instanbul and Ankara
    The Three Mile Island disater starts
    Jesse Owens awawrded Congressional Gold Medal
    March 28 Births
    1836-Frederick Pabst
    1868-Maxim Gorky
    1889-August Anheuser Busch Jr.
    1889-Buck Shaw
    1903-Charles Starrett-Durango Kid
    1905-Pandro S. Berman
    1914-Edmund Muskie
    1919-Vic Raschi
    1941-Jim Turner
    1942-Jerry Sloan
    1944-Rick Barry
    1944-Ken Howard
    1948-Dianne Wiest
    1955-Reba McEntire
    1959-Chris Myers
    1961-Byron Scott
    1969-Brett Ratner
    March 28 Deaths
    1941-Virginia Woolf
    1953-Jim Thorpe
    1958-W.C. Handy
    1969-Dwight D. Eisenhower
    1985-Marc Chagall
    1995-Hugh O'Connor
    2004-Peter Ustinov

  10. PrincetonTiger
    The Book of Mormon is published in Palmyra, New York
    Anwar al-Sadat Menachem Began and Jimmy Carter sign the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty
    Heaven's Gate suicides
    The "Melissa Worm" attacks Microsoft email acounts
    A Michigan jury convicts Dr. Jack Kevorkian of 2nd Degree Murder
    March 26 Births
    1874-Robert Frost
    1875-Syngman Rhee
    1881-Guccio Gucci
    1911-Tennessee Williams
    1916-Sterling Hayden
    1934-Alan Arkin
    1936-Harry Kalas
    1940-James Caan
    1940-Nancy Pelosi
    1943-Bob Woodward
    1948-Steven Tyler
    1949-Vicki Lawrence
    1950-Martin Short
    1953-Lincoln Chafee
    1960-Marcus Allen
    1962-John Stockton
    1968-Kenny Chesney
    1976-Amy Smart
    1985-Keira Knightley
    1987-Jermichael Finley
    March 26 Deaths
    1649-John Winthrop
    1892-Walt Whitman
    1905-Maurice Barrymore
    1959-Raymond Chandler
    1973-Noel Coward
    1996-Edmund Muskie
    1997-Marshall Applewhite
    2004-Jan Berry
    2006-Paul Dana
    2011-Geraldine Ferraro
  11. PrincetonTiger
    Gibson Generating Station in Princeton is the 3rd Largest Coal Powered Power Plant in the World
    Princeton is also the home to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana
    Indiana means "Land of Indians
    Vincennes was Indiana's Territorial Capitol
    Corydon was the states first capitol beating out forgotten communities like Patoka(Gibson County) and Medora(Jackson County)
    The State nickname is "Crossroads of America" due to its numerous raillines and roads
    The City of Gary was named after US Steel Founding Chairman Elbert Gary
    People from Indiana
    Johnny Applessed(Fort Wayne)
    Jonathon Jennings(1st Governor)
    Squire Boone(Laconia)
    Ambrose Burnsides(Liberty-American General and Namesake of the sideburns)
    George Rogers Clark(Clarksville)
    Willam ClarK(Clarksville)
    Lew Wallace(Crawfordsville)
    Birch Bayh(Terre Haute)
    Evan Bayh(Shirkieville)
    Schuyler Colfax(South Bend)
    Eugene V. Debs(Terre Haute)
    Charles W. Fairbanks(Indianapolis)
    John W. Foster(Evansville)
    Benjamin Harrison(Indianapolis)
    William Henry Harrison(Vincennes)
    Thomas A. Hendricks(Indianapolis)
    Abraham Lincoln(Spencer County)
    Oliver P. Morton(Centerville)
    Dan Quayle(Indianapolis)
    Ted Stevens(Indianapolis)
    Ryan White(Kokomo)
    John Roberts(Lomg Beach)
    Little Turtle
    Rhonda Bates(Evansville)
    Abraham Benrubi(Bloomington)
    Bealuh Bondi(Valparaiso)
    Avery Brooks(Evansville)
    James Dean(Fairmount)
    Louise Dresser(Evansville)
    Theodore Dresser(Terre Haute)
    Paul Dresser(Terre Haute)
    Irene Dunne(Madison)
    Ken Foree(Indianapolis)
    Vivica A. Fox(Indianapolis)
    David Emge(Evansville)
    Phil Harris(Linton)
    Greg Kinnear(Logansport
    Elmo Lincoln(Rochester)
    Carole Lombard(Fort Wayne)
    Shelley Long(Fort Wayne)
    Karl Malden(Gary)
    Steve McQueen(Beech Grove;Indianapolis)
    Michael Michelle(Evansville)
    Angelo Pizzo(Bloomington)
    James Rebhorn(Anderson)
    Valeska Suratt(Owensville)
    Clifton Webb(Indianapolis)
    Fred Williamson(Gary)
    Mike Epps(Gary)
    Red Skelton(Vincennes)
    David Letterman(Indianapolis)
    Hoagy Carmichael(Bloomington)
    Crystal Gayle(Wabash)
    Florence Henderson(Dale)
    Jackson Family(Gary)
    Adam Lambert(Indianapolis)
    John Mellencamp(Seymour)
    Cole Porter(Peru)
    Rich Mullins(Richmond)
    David Lee Roth(Bloomington)
    Amanda Overmeyer(Camden)
    Scatman Crothers(Terre Haute)
    Ron Glass(Evansville)
    Jane Pauley(Indianapolis)
    Michael Rosenbloom(Newburgh)
    Marc Summers(Indianapolis)
    Tavis Smiley(Kokomo)
    Clint Barmes(Vincennes)
    Gil Hodges(Princeton;Petersburg)
    Edd Roush(Oakland City)
    Jamey Carroll(Evansville)
    Ken Dilger(Mariah Hill)
    Carl Erskine(Anderson)
    Tommy John(Terre Haute)
    Don Mattingly(Evansville)
    Curtis Painter(Vincennes)
    Zeller Family(Washington)
    Scott Rolen(Jasper)
    Matt Mauck(Jasper)
    Jeff Samardzija(Valparaiso)
    Steve Alford(New Castle)
    Larry Bird(French Lick)
    Calbert Cheaney(Evansville)
    Gordon Hayward(Brownsburg)
    Kyle Macy(Peru)
    Walter McCarty(Evansville)
    Rick Mount(Lebanon
    Greg Oden(Indianapolis)
    Jeff Teague(Indiabapolis)
    Marquis Teague(Indianapolis)
    Oscar Robertson(Indianapolis)
    Chuck Taylor(Brown County)
    John Wooden(Martinsville)
    Del Harris(Plainfield)
    Tony Hinkle(Logansport)
    Brad Stevens(Zionsville)
    Jay Cutler(Santa Claus)
    Bob Griese(Evansville)
    Mathias Kiwanuka(Indianapolis)
    Steve Weatherford(Terre Haute)
    Cam Cameron(Terre Haute)
    Hank Stram(Gary)
    Len Dawson(West Lafayette)
    John Andretti(Indianapolis)
    Tony Stewart(Columbus)
    Ryan Newman(South Bend)
    Mick Foley(Bloomington)
    Ultimate Warrior(Crawfordsville)
    Colonel Sanders(Henryville)
    Orville Reddenbacher(Valparaiso;Princeton)
    Dave Thomas(Princeton)
    Ernie Pyle(Dana)
    James Whitcomb Riley(Greenfield)
    Gene Stratton Porter(Wabash County)
    Kurt Vonnegut(Indianapolis)
    Eli Lilly(Indianapolis)
    Amelia Earhart(West Lafayette)
    Gus Grissom(Mitchell)
    Wilbur Wright(Millville)
    Belle Guiness(LaPorte)
    Jimmy Hoffa(Brazil)
    Jim Jones(Richmond)
    D. C. Stephenson(Evansville)
  12. PrincetonTiger
    Venice is founded
    Sir Walter Raleigh is granted a patent to colonize Virginia
    Slavery is abolished in Great Britian
    MLK Jr and other civil rights leaders complete the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama
    The Columbia arrives at JFK Space Center
    March 25 Births
    1901-Ed Begley
    1911-Jack Ruby
    1928-Jim Lovell
    1932-Gene Shalit
    1936-Hoyt Axton
    1942-Aretha Franklin
    1947-Elton John
    1966-Tom Glavine
    1974-Lark Voorhies
    1982-Danica Patrick
    March 25 Deaths
    1918-Claude Debussy
    1951-Eddie Collins
    1956-Robert Newton
    1983-Bob Waterfield
    1992-Nancy Walker
    1999-Cal Ripken Sr.
    2006-Richard Fleischer
    2006-Buck Owens
    info from Wikipedia
  13. PrincetonTiger
    The Acts of Union 1707 are signed uniting the Kingdoms of England and Scotland creating Great Britian
    The Brandenburg Concertos are dedicated by Johann Sebastian Bach
    The Quartering Act is passed requiring the American Colonist to Quarter British Troops
    The Mormon leader Joseph Smith Jr. is tarred and feathered in Hiram, Ohio
    Ground is broken for the New York Subway connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn by Mayor Robert Anderson Van Wyk
    76 Allied Prisoners escape setting the events for the movie "The Great Escape"
    Elvis Pressley is drafted into the Army
    The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
    Jonesboro Massacre-School Shootings
    NATO commences bombing raids of Kosovo
    March 24 Births
    1755-Rufus King
    1874-Harry Houdini
    1887-Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
    1902-Thomas Dewey
    1915-"Gorgeous" George Wagner
    1924-Norman Fell
    1944-R. Lee Ermey
    1947-Dennis Erickson
    1951-Tommy Hilfiger
    1954-Robert Carradine
    1960-Kelly LeBrock
    1960-Scott Pruett
    1962-Star Jones
    1973-Jim Parsons
    1974-Allyson Hanigan
    1976-Aaron Brooks
    1976-Peyton Manning
    1982-Corey Hart
    1983-T.J. Ford
    1984-Chris Bosh
    1990-Starlin Castro
    March 24 Deaths
    1882-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    1905-Jules Verne
    1984-Sam Jaffe
    1999-Birdie Tebbetts
    2008-Richard Widmark
  14. PrincetonTiger
    On Monday, Princeton Community High School and the entire Princeton Community suffered a great loss with the sudden death of 15 year Guidance Counselor Jim Dexter.
    Mr. Dexter, who was an avid football fan and Green Bay Packer, leaves behind a wife and 4 children.
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