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  1. I like the moves the new regime has made so far!

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    2. KaylaD


      I agree! I am stoked! @ SW, well said my friend! I will not even try to say anything better then what you said, my thoughts exactly except the way you say it probably sounds better then what I would say. lol. You have a way with words!

    3. Wyld1


      I fully expect to have a Defense that we can be proud of coupled with a well balanced Offense that can get a 3rd and 1 on he ground ;-)....within 3 years, like my Bro Southwest stated!

    4. betheafan41


      colts wont be soft with this new HC. their defense is going to be built to be as brutal as pittsburgh and baltimores defense. Manning (and sorry have to say it if hes going to be playing for tennessee) better hope hes retired by the time that defense gets tough and brutal because hes going to be hurting.

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