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  1. You opened "Pandora's Box"...deal with it. Your thread wasn't needed if the forum was properly moderated....quite simple really? Ban me as I know you will and quite frankly could care less as you know less about human interaction then you do about football.
  2. Did I say your name? Quite frankly I get you and appreciate your humor and masked sarcasm. You weren't part of my reply....why so paranoid?
  3. And allowed to do as they please! Seems as if there is a double standard?
  4. Watching "Colors" and wishing I could share my favorite quote!

  5. I agree and with the new look defense as well!
  6. I do as well..........have a good feeling of course!
  7. Lol! She digs Rogers as well so I believe we are good here?
  8. Thanks Froggie! Nice to see what is in the works and I agree, after the draft we can start figuring out the rest ;)
  9. I agree with Dan as many times someone "baits" someone else and they are the ones that go unscathed as the retaliator(sp?) gets the ban. Much like wih the NFL when the Refs see the retaliator and not the instigator ;)............either way, I agree we should all get along but some people push the limits and cause opposite reactions. It doesn't have anything to do with the thickness or thinness of one's skin as much as it has to do with implied intent and failure to cut that out at the source....just my 2 cents and that ain't worth much
  10. Is that dude a roadie for AC/DC?
  11. Yeah, the Gonzo comparison is somewhat of a stretch ;)! Low risk high reward signing imo.
  12. I like it! There are alot worse back ups out there!
  13. And modest as well ;).....btw, didn't "George Costanza" fake being an Architect?
  14. Very interesting proposition indeed...
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