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  1. That was a good read.. I have a sneaky feeling that Bobby okereke could be on that list next year!!
  2. I really like this kid,, a hard worker who has is act together.. With that been said,, i think where in the midst of something special at the RB position!!
  3. Its Big Q for me,, the man is mauler.. I also like Buckner,, personally thought that was a awesome trade..
  4. For me Blue & blue,, too many bad memories in blue & white,, in big games.. Absolutely love white on white,, UNDEFEATED.. 2006 AFC champion BLUE & White remains special to me!!
  5. For me its the 1968 team, back then when the Colts came to Boston they where going back to Baltimore with a W..
  6. I hear what your saying,,, And agree with you.... The refs did us no favors period....
  7. ya well forget about aided pitts drive.... just saying,,, crucial drives for pit seem to go there way... just saying any thoughts?
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