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  1. He did and fellow named George had an even better one for the Colts. But they both had ten cent heads although George was in the NFL for a decade or more.
  2. You are correct. All of the reporting agencies say that Rivers is basically done and can't throw the long ball anymore. There are numerous articles about it.
  3. Well done. I didn't expect them to win this game. A very pleasant surprise.
  4. That is crap and it isn't true. It was always a protest. I have great respect for Kaep
  5. No it isn't and they won't be winning it. I don't see the Colts in the playoffs and I think an 8-8 final record is possible.
  6. That is exactly what he did. He kneeled in protest and they black balled him from the NFL. They have already paid a collusion settlement to him and they may have to pay another.
  7. I watched and yes he slipped a lot but when it came down to crunch time, they went to Peyton and he came through for them.
  8. They didn't say that for long did they? Four Super Bowls with two different teams and four different coaches and two wins. But we aren't talking you QBs here. We are talking about a washed up Rivers. Luck gave up. That is different.
  9. No to all three. Flacco is a Super Bowl winning QB. Eli has two SB wins but he is compared to Rivers often because he was basically traded for him. Kaepernick gave up his career to make a social statement and it is a real good one. I am sure that he has no regrets. Would he have been a better get than Rivers. You damn betcha he would have been.
  10. I agree with you. Luck never won anything. He, like Rivers had some gaudy numbers but the fact is he didn't win the big games and he didn't get to a Super Bowl. Just like Rivers. Mediocre is the right term. Not bad but not really good either.
  11. I think the Colts vastly overrated their talent. They added what some of you believe to be a HoF QB to get to a Super Bowl but it is apparent that he is surrounded by 8-8 talent. The wide receivers are and will be awful. The offensive line is great but even they won't charge a running game if the wide receivers are no threat. It is a combination of those things along with a QB who clearly is over the hill and doesn't have the HoF arm strength he had. That is why the Chargers moved on from him. You don't need a franchise QB if the rest of the team is very good. But, that is not the case in Indy
  12. I am not a big fan of Reich. I think he was way to conservative last year and I am not impressed with his coaching this year. I think he was big reason that Rivers was brought here and I think that was a big waste of money for a team not ready to make a Super Bowl run.
  13. He is certainly a lot closer to it than Phillip Rivers and he has years to add to his numbers and perhaps more Super Bowl appearances. I just disagree with you. Rivers may be HoF but Cam has helped change the game and has an MVP and a Super Bowl appearance that Phillip does not have. That makes him a lock in my mind.
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