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  1. His job is to get the best people at every position. He should be delighted to pay them their market value and watch them take care of the Oline for the next decade. However, I do agree that he will draft a LT and just pay for a rookie contract. I didn't assume anything. I just think you exposing him to hits at different angle than he is used to warding off and it could happen. It is not worth even a remove chance.
  2. It is astounding that you want to take a man who is the best in the NFL at his position and set him up to being injured as a tackle just to save a few million dollars.
  3. Big Q is the Best Lineman in Colts History Baltimore or Indy.
  4. No one is eating Big Q alive as a guard. Putting him in as a LT might get him hurt. I don't care what we pay him, he is the heart and soul of that whole line. Pay the man and find a LT.
  5. We have a very small crack of a window. I don't expect this team to be a contender and I think they will step back a couple of games this year. LT is the next hardest position to fill in the NFL. There is no guarantee you get a good one in the draft or as a free agent. I don't think Ballard will pay the price for a good free agent LT.
  6. Why would you take the best guard in the NFL and make him change position. I see no upside to that.
  7. I think we overachieved and our QB play was much better than I expected. I see the team taking a step or two back this year.
  8. Spending big in free agency is a huge risk. Many clubs have tried to win that way and most have failed miserably. I like Ballard's approach.
  9. Nelson. Might be the best football player in the NFL.
  10. That isn't clear. The Cardinals are a team on the rise. I like his pairing with Chandress. They have a good QB and perhaps the best receiver in the NFL. If they keep building, a run is possible. Many teams in that division have problems and may be slipping a notch.
  11. Certainly not Luck. He never won anything. No SB, no MVP and he go the ECF once and got wiped out. Peyton would have been a different story. I wouldn't have done it with Peyton because of his age when the Colts became dominant. Brady, on the other hand, twenty years ago might have been worth something like that. But, no, not even the GOAT. I think the Colts overpaid for Wentz (the Eagle had no other offers). I think one second round pick would have been too high. One third or fourth round pick would have been more like it. I am doubtful that Wentz is every the QB he was in 2017-18.
  12. I doubt that it would be a problem for most teams that want to sign him. They always seem to navigate around the cap space. I wasn't even taking into consideration that Watt would want to play there. I assumed that was a given. Phoenix got him and I think that is an excellent choice. They have another very good DE so it will be hard to double team either one of them.
  13. I think he did well signing there. They have some good players and he won't be double teamed much because they have another very good DE.
  14. I was talking about him going to Pittsburgh. I don't think the Colts will offer him the amount of money he expects. Tennessee is more likely.
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