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    I have been a Colts fan since the Johnny U days. I am also a Pacers fan going back to their origins at the State Fair Grounds. 

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  1. There is no wide receiver group in the NFL that is more overrated by the teams fans than this group with the Colts. There is no number one receiver on the team. Several of them are injury prone. I think it is one of the weakest aspects of the Colts and I think they will show those issues early and often. Some of it will be masked by the running game and ability of the running backs to be effective in the passing game.
  2. That won't be good enough to be a Super Bowl Contender and Tennessee just got a whole lot better. We let our edge rushers go and replaced them with draft picks one of which may not even play next year. How do you think that will go. The answer to your question is that I don't expect Wentz and this core of receivers to do that well. Mack may not play either. Wentz was the worst starting QB in the NFL last year. You are expecting a massive leap. I sure hope you are right and I will be rooting right with you but that receiver group is way below par.
  3. You will be after a game or two. This is a very lackluster group and I expect that our QB will struggle trying to do much with them. He wouldn't have that trouble with Julio.
  4. I fail to see how you think we have good receivers. I think we have definite problems there and if there any injuries, those problems will be very real. Here is an idea what others think of our receivers: Pro Football Focus ranked the Colts' pass catchers at No. 24 in its positional rankings, slotting in between the New England Patriots at No. 25 and the Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 23.
  5. I repeat, he doesn't have the awards and accolades that Leonard has. If they sign Warner for $20 million, Leonard will want more than that and I think he will get it. If not from the Colts then from someone else.
  6. If they sign Warner first, Leonard will want more than he gets. Leonard has better credentials to make the most of the two. They should have already signed him to prevent that.
  7. Karl Malone is a top 15 player all time? How about Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Shaq, Moses Malone, Olijawan, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Curry, K.D., Kobe, Michael Jordan, George Mikan, Lebron James and I could certainly argue the case for two dozen more. I would have him in the top 50 but not much more than that. Yes, he has great stats. No, he never won anything. Yes, he is the second leading scorer of all time. Yes, he was a great rebounder. He also had John Stockton playing with him and other good players. George Mikan was one of the first NBA Super
  8. I have seen so many top drafted QBs ruined because they were on a team without a competent Oline. That includes Andrew Luck although I agree even a great Oline would not have been able to protect him either. I am sure he is a brilliant young man with a Stanford education but his Football IQ about protecting himself was 0.
  9. How many games did he cost the team last year with his in game decisions. Certainly the Buffalo game in the playoffs. There were others. He has no idea when to take the points and when to try for more. Hopefully he will get better but right now, he is costing the team games.
  10. Well, he isn't rated anywhere close to top ten now and I don't think he will be. I hope for adequate because that is about the best one could expect under the circumstances. The Eagles didn't think he could be a top ten or they wouldn't have traded him.
  11. You can have those things but if you don't have a good foundation on the Dline and the Oline, they will crumble, even the best of them. Just look at Luck. The supposed draft pick of a generation and future Hall of Famer. How did he do with no Oline? His career ended ten years early, that is what happened. You can have all three that you mention and without a good Oline, they won't win anything.
  12. He was barely adequate. Jordan hated him because he was a flopper not because he was a good defender.
  13. I agree with that but it doesn't change what Reggie was. Again, he was my favorite player of the time because I saw those wonderful games in NY. Mutumbo, Mourning, Daugherty, Paxton, Shawn Kemp and even Kevin Johnson were not Super Stars either. Again, it is just my opinion and I know from being on Pacer's Boards it is shared by most Pacer fans. The Pacers have not had a Super Star in their NBA games. They certainly did in their ABA days.
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