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  1. It is wise if you want to keep dominant all pro players in those positions. I don't think Q or Leonard would have any problem getting that kind of money in free agency.
  2. Good signing. They will be a dominant defense.
  3. I think it would be exciting to have both of them but Clowney is younger.
  4. I like Clowney. He doesn't get a lot of sacks but he does get a lot of pressures and he might be the very best at his position in stopping the run game. But, he needs to be able to stay on the field.
  5. Which I would do gladly but I don't expect that to happen. More likely is injuries and just not getting the job done but I save some salt for that crow just in case.
  6. Each to his own. One game. This receiving group is horrid.
  7. I don't know about "great" but I think he will be very good and I think the Pats have a better season than the Colts and I won't be a bit surprised if Cam has a better year than Wentz.
  8. Yes, I do. I have never been a big TY fan in his best years because he was easy for opponents to shut down in important games. Now that he is older and slower, I just don't see the point. Ballard would have let him walk and that was the right thing to do. But, I will give Irsay his nostalgia signing if it makes him happy.
  9. I am honored to have you as a follower. I was a little hard on TY but if the owner wants him back so be it. I hope he has a great year.

  10. I sure haven't seen it in the last two years. But, I hope you are right. I think 500 yards and a couple of TDs is about all one should expect. We can certainly hope for better and I have no trouble with him being a nostalgia signing.
  11. I am guessing you are wrong and TY just doesn't get separation like he used to be able to do. It happens to all of us.
  12. But he has been slipping for a couple of years. I fear he slips more this year. He is a small speed receiver and they don't usually have long careers. The fact that he only got one year means that the team is reluctant to make any longer endorsement than that. I hope he has a 1000 yard season. My head says he probably gets 500 or a little less. That is a big fall. It seemed very sentimental to me. That is not a bad thing and it is admirable in itself.
  13. I do but what does that mean if he is injured or just can't cut the mustard any more? You are probably right though.
  14. Father Time is undefeated but if he does that then he would deserve it.
  15. There were better and more important places to pay that kind of money. You will see. I saw plenty last year.
  16. Hilton is long past being good. He might be adequate but he can't do good anymore.
  17. Our wide receivers are not good at all.
  18. That makes the signing even more questionable. The Colts got fleeced by Hilton.
  19. Yes, signing a slow washed up TY Hilton will certainly move the Colts needle up. Not! Perhaps we will draft two receivers and cut him before the season starts.
  20. So far we have picked a group of bums in free agency. It isn't hard to imagine any of them starting or not being a serious liability if they do. I thought we had too many holes to fill in just the draft alone but that appears to be where we are headed.
  21. Because they would have taken an offer if there had been one.
  22. What is wrong with that? Neither one of them had any offers.
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