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  1. Somebody gag this guy. You aren't going to win any Super Bowl with this coaching staff. They lose games. You might want to try just getting to the conference finals before thinking about Super Bowl wins. Before Peyton Manning we were 30 years between Super Bowls. I don't see another Manning in our future.
  2. Colts 16 Miami 31 It isn't going to get any better soon,
  3. I know what intentional grounding is. But you can throw it out of bounds or just go down and cover up and avoid the hit. Luck couldn't do that either. It ended his career.
  4. That isn't what I saw. I saw him throw the ball away so it was an incomplete pass. You can always throw a pass in the dirt but better yet to just drop to the ground and cover up. He should have done those things many times and he didn't. The result is he was injured and he does us no good now. Live to play another day.
  5. Then you ground the ball, hit the ground and cover up. If you don't you get injured and knocked out the game just like what happened. I doubt he ever got hit in two seconds but I don't have a stop watch.
  6. He is part of the problem but a small part. He takes too long to get rid of the ball and he tries to extend plays he should give up on and throw the ball away or just go down on a play like the one that injured him. If he doesn't do that, he will always be injured. We went through that with Luck and look what happened. I could see the same thing happening to Wentz.
  7. That only because it isn't so obvious that the original play call was terrible.
  8. 88% success rate for first down not for scoring. I will bet it is a whole lot lower than that.
  9. I agree with that but Manning would never have ran that play if it had been sent to him. It was a trash call.
  10. I have been watching football for sixty years. I have never seen it work more than a handful of times. I have seen it fail and come up short very often.
  11. They tried to do that for years and it failed miserably. The line didn't become adequate UNTIL they spent all of that draft capital on it and I agree with that approach. Go cheap on the kickers, the running backs and certainly on this very poor set of receivers. Spend the money on both lines and you will keep being a winner. Great question and why didn't he audible out of other absurd plays Reich called like the shovel pass. I know damned well Manning wouldn't have stayed with those plays. Luck might of, he wasn't really very mental about the game even with is obvious intelligence. I think he mostly dreamed about snow boarding.
  12. The man has never missed a game. Give a rest and pay the man. He is the best in the business.
  13. It is more than that, he almost never just takes the points and gets a lead. That has nothing to with play calling. Take the damned points on the first possession of the game. I can't see any other NFL coach that is this bad on basic tactics.
  14. No, you didn't except to demand a QB sneak. How about running it twice or sneaking but then taking the points when that doesn't work. You didn't address that at all. That play calling and the decision was all on Reich and had done it over and over again. He is clueless.
  15. Well the Colts shun it but the fans always scream for it. I would like to hear from someone who knows something about to give their opinion. It only works if the OL gets some movement, right?
  16. Killing ourselves? Running straight into the center of the defense three straight times with no gain and then have to pass? It was the first possession of the game. Take the damned points. How about that play call that led to the interception on the shovel pass? What in the hell was that? Yes, the pass was terrible but the play was horrible in the first place. Can't Wentz audible out of some of this silly stuff? You can make all of the excuses you want but Reich cost us this game with this nonsense. He cost us games last year. He will cost us more games this year. Good coaches don't make these mistakes like the ineligible substitution that started a drive in a big hole. Reich is not a good coach. He isn't even a fair coach. He is a very bad coach.
  17. I always wonder why so many people are so infatuated with the QB sneak and thought Manning should do it? I could see doing it with Luck but I doubt Wentz would do that very well either.
  18. What does that have to do with making lousy decisions about when to take the points and when to go for a touchdown? That is a basic that Reich blows up just about every time it comes up. What about ramming into the defensive line three straight times for no gains? What coach in the NFL is worse than Reich? We will never contend for a title with this guy. What a mistake it was to give him a long term contract.
  19. He is out because he won't get a Covid Vaccine and he is a starting QB. He won't work well as a backup. He will catch on. Wait and see.
  20. I watched his games. He has plenty of arm strength. He had horrible receivers.
  21. Good head coaches make better decisions on when to take the points. That has nothing to do with play calling. Reich is a very poor head coach.
  22. I think it is clear that Reich blew this game early. Once again, he made absurd calls and bad decisions on when to take the points and when to go for it. He ran straight into their line how many times in the first quarter? This team is never going anywhere with Reich as the coach.
  23. The OL didn't cost this game. The head coach did early in the game. How about that five yard penalty for an illegal substitution. Frank might be a good offensive coach but he can't call a game and he never knows when to take the points or go for it. How many points did he leave on the table today?
  24. The line didn't ruin Luck. Luck ruined Luck on the football field and snow boarding.
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