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  1. 59? I read Eason had a 62 which is very good but doesn't define a qb. Eason has the size & arm that if you could create the perfect qb on those traits alone, you would have Eason. Unfortunately, it usually boils down to between the ears at this level & that is what has me curious. Glad we have a yr or two to see how this develops.
  2. You may be correct which is where I disagree with the decision but not gonna lose sleep over the backup position. Chad was on this roster before Hoyer and actually got game experience in the system during the preseason! Chad even looked good enough that the fanbase was actually calling for him to be the starter. It didn't happen naturally but with the state of the Colts at the time, why not see what you have vs starters? Hind sight is 20/20 I get that but we had nothing to lose with TY inactive. I think if the Colts lost that game with CK as the starter that the fanbase would've chilled a
  3. Shame he wasn't called upon in the Miami game as we just might have been a wildcard team! I love this staff but I hope they get these type decisions under control in the future. Tells me this staff has zero confidence in Chad K.
  4. It's apparent us Colts fans are not used to a project pick as our next QB! In the last 20 yrs, we had the number one overall pick in Peyton Manning then Andrew Luck! Both players were able to step in from day 1 and be a General, unlike most teams that were forced to take a project later. Nobody is saying Eason is a starter in 2020 and will need to take the Mahomes route and sit a yr or two before coming into his own! The Colts took Eason in the 4th and most here seems to think he was drafted to start day 1 which he was not. Again, maybe thats because its what were used to but it's time to
  5. Kelly was on the practice squad was he not? I know that no team carries 3 qbs which is very odd.
  6. Thanks and there's not a more passionate fanbase than the NFL and we can get pretty deep with our emotions over subpar play! That is no excuse to trash a player that is giving his all to the team we root for. Keep bringing awareness to the problem and if there any kind of good human being, they will understand!
  7. I get you but playing Devils advocate, did the Packers need to trade up in the first to grab Jordan Love? I still hear you but at some point you got to plan for the future & I'm glad it only cost us a 4th!
  8. I'm the biggest culprit when it comes to negativity on a certain player and I apologize as it is not Biblical. A big thanks to you, Princeton and Defense for challenging my negativity and I will let things play out instead of unleashing criticism!
  9. I apologize Princeton, my military background only knows the truth and nothing but the truth. I tend to fail at understanding today's society. At the end of the day, we can't argue internally about the backup position as greater things are ahead for all of us.
  10. Eason was the qb I wanted in the 2nd but even more excited to get him in the 4th. Nobody is calling him the future because we all know he will have to sit a yr or two to learn at this level. We Colts fans are all SPOILED as the last 20 yrs had a qb that could step in from day 1 and be ELITE. I ask you this, what about him do you not like? Have you watched his highlight vids and what did you come away with? I liked what I seen and if given time to learn, I cant help but see a Drew Brees type player! Maybe that's just me and many here can't imagine anything else than a bust but maybe that'
  11. I want you to listen to the Staff over us Armchair GM's but I'm trying to tell you what the Staff is saying. Don't listen to their words but watch what they do to truly hear them correctly. Time will finally get you to see the truth my friend and if I'm wrong I will admit it.
  12. Guess the point I was trying to prove is the Staff will do what it takes to help him succeed since they gave up a 4th rd pick to get him. If he was a 6th or 7th, then yes all bets off of even securing a roster spot but at 4 just don't see that happening. I could be wrong and we will see shortly the plan. Go Colts tho, dont want to argue about the backup lol.
  13. Yes, they finally realized the importance of the 3Tech and wanted a probowl or All American at the position instead of drafting a rookie! Remember, Kinlaw;s knees are a concern and at that position what is the #1 most important part? Leverage my friends and what do you not have with bad knees? Leverage my friends! Why not go with a known commodity and known Probowler/All American for a 13th pick?
  14. DEFENSE, this is the furthest from the truth!! This staff didn't spend a 4th rd pick on a qb, if they didn't fully believe he is the future. The entire staff has scouted the position for the last 12 months & discussed it as a group every day. There is no doubt in my mind they feel that Eason is the future and will give him every opportunity to succeed. Brissett's future here is numbered and if they really want to develop their 4th rd pick, they would cut ties and save the cap hit! The writing is on the wall and many will soon see the truth.
  15. Princeton, not arguing with you just doesn't add up? We will not carry 3 qb's on the active roster and we will not have two on the practice squad! Whose in & whose out in your opinion? If Eason is not even backup ready, why waist a 4th rd pick on the dude when other talent was on the board? JB does nothing but hinder the development of our young talent that actually has a future on this team. Save the $$ and cut him in my opinion. Rivers hasn't missed a game that I can remember so please release JB so either CK or JE can develop!
  16. If Eason is truly the future at QB, why take away reps by having him 3rd or 4th on the Depth chart? Wouldn't you want him to be #2 and learn behind Rivers to a full extent? I mean lets be honest here, JB is nowhere in the plans for 2021 so why take away the development of the future?
  17. This makes sense with the comments from the Staff that I did not think of!
  18. They wouldn't have spent a 4th rd pick if they didn't already do their due diligence on character. It would be a waste of a pick if they didn't have plans on cutting JB and saving that $$$. Just makes too much sense.
  19. No way we carry 3 qb's on the 53 man roster, no way!! There is also no way that Eason will be placed on the practice squad so a betting man says that JB is on his way out.
  20. Only two spots on the 53 man roster = two will be cut or stashed on the practice squad! Eason will not last on the practice squad so I will let you all do the math!
  21. I'm gonna go one step further and ask how many teams carry 3 qb's on their 53 man roster?? Eason will not last on the practice squad so what do the numbers tell you all? Forget what Frank or Chris says and do the math for ourselves.
  22. For the record, Eason is the #2 qb on this team regardless of what smoke screen Ballard or Reich may say! Believe their actions over their words if you want the truth!
  23. Do many here realize that Eason only has two yrs of experience?? If he was to remain in College we would have no shot at drafting this kid believe me! Imagine Eason on a GA, Bama, Clemson, ND or Okalahoma team with all that talent and no question he's a fist rounder! He had a first to second rd grade so to get him in the 4th is a blessing.
  24. Good thing Staff has him as an interior guy rather than on the outside??? LOL, arm length
  25. I kind of disagree and if any Colts fans that watched the games want to argue, I'm free. That article was written right after his first yr which he was okay but how about in his second yr? He was consistently bad in 2019 and was clearly our weak link! Did you watch any of the games last yr?
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