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  1. 1) Will staff unleash Rivers and this Off or continue to be so predictable and see 8 man boxes as a disrespect? 2) Will the D continue to rush only 4 & be exposed to the good qbs in this league? Minshew/Brees/Baker for an example. No pressure whatsoever unlike the top teams in the league. 3) Will the coaching staff continue to be outclassed & make horrible 4th down choices that cost our team victories?
  2. I'm not sure this Colts Nation even watches FB beyond our Colts but to even suggest that we trade for a guy soon to be out of the league is mind boggling! Another USC qb bust is a couple games of stray, please stay away! That Notion is DENIED, insert gavel being pounded multiple times w/ ORDER IN THE COURT, ORDER IN THE COURT or be arrested on attempt of a dumb thought!
  3. Many die hard colt fans are sugar coating this loss as they want to believe so hard that this was a fluke or lol actually believing the Jags are a good team! After the Jags just unloaded ALL their probowl talent, you think the roster is loaded? If their loaded, what do you call this colts roster? I think the Colts overlooked their opponent even know they haven't won there since a grip.
  4. Jury still out! I'd like to see a healthy TY with a qb that can throw the deep ball, which we haven't had both in last two yrs. I was excited to start the season as TY was healthy but now we got a qb that has no chemistry and no long ball. GM 1, TY was a has been but hopefully that changes.
  5. I get that, really do but this team has had horrible starts even with Luck as qb over the last couple yrs. This yr was all about starting off 1-0, 2-0 and getting off to a strong start but again so many of the same disappointments. Best Oline, improved wr corps, formidable rushing attack, 2 All Pro on D, etc... Same result and no matter how bad it was it came down to a 101 coaching miscue in not taking the points and a miss chip shot from a rookie kicker who got beat out in TC! When does the madness end 06?
  6. I'm on the side that hopes your right, just an overreaction but until we see that play I can play Devils Advocate and say the wheels are coming off this bus. We won't know until end of season so hope im wrong.
  7. No Crazy, my impression is from one game and my outlook is from the same performance for a 16 game schedule. This one game is all we have on tape and if doesn't improve will be for the season. Yes, things can change but I can only report from what I see in present tense not future
  8. I think Jags D made great adjustments to our line call and the holes just weren't there when JT ran up the middle 3 times in a row on that one drive? You think with JT in the game, they wouldn't? This explains his 2.2 yds per carry as there was nowhere to run. With Mack in the game, they couldn't commit to run or pass and that made them off balance. Now that JT is the starter we must continue to mix up the run/pass ratio and show diff formations with different results to keep the D guessing. Key to our running game success because no matter how good our line is, if your predictable it doe
  9. What makes Donald such a force in LA? HINT, not his tackles on rb's but his dominant presence in collapsing the pocket! Donald makes $100 Mil to do so which is close to what we paid Buckner. Did you see this type presence on our Dline Sun? I kept asking is Buckner even in this game? I must have missed all 6 tackles because I swear he didn't play. $100 mil is a game changer and with 2 All Pro gifts on the roster i hope we didn't set the team back with this bust signing.
  10. 2 of last 4 games his D are in the history books! Both games gave up a 95+ completion percentage which is embarrassing. This is a scheme failure not a pass rush failure as most are quick reads to the slant or open man in the zone coverage. No D coordinator or play calling experience was puzzling at time of hire.
  11. $100 Mil to the missing link to make this D Elite failed in wk 1 no matter how you slice it! My biggest disappointment came from a lack of presence from that one player alone. Never did I hear or see Buckner be anywhere close to a $100 mil prize on sun & that hurt the most. 19-20 for 3 tds w/ a 96% comp percentage to the 32nd ranked team! Buckner + Leonard is top notch in this league but got abused again vs the 32nd ranked team. Coaching: We lost 6 pts by not kicking the field goal early and a rookie miss from point blank! Why a rookie over a proven in Chase? Fans don'
  12. Nothing like throwing at the wall and seeing what sticks mentality! I too question the many 2nd-3rd rd projects as I believe this far up in the draft should be more proven commodity than projects. I'm not questioning Ballard and Staff but like you this isn't passing the eye test. Let's hope these early rd picks squashes our eye test!
  13. NONE of us ate the JB soup that was force fed to us by the staff but their actions of signing Rivers says they were wrong. I cant argue with Ballards tendency to project as this is the most valuable trait known to a SCOUT but they will indeed overshoot more than hit. Banugo looks like an airball and I think Ballard went for the homerun with Blackmon but only time will tell.
  14. I agree with this assessment of Willis but why does the Staff continue to believe he is the future? It's clear to me that his strength is at the LOS and anything else he doesn't have the athleticism to compete. This analysis came after just a rookie season, lets see if this kid shows us all wrong!
  15. Okay, lets sign Clowney, cut Brissett and trade for Adams? Do we have enough money to keep Brissett and add these two playmakers?
  16. I don't care what you call it but I call it a FORCE in the middle that was clearly lacking w/o Woods in the lineup! Did you not wonder what's wrong with Leonard for the first 4 games of the season as his presence was not noticed as much? Is it a coincidence, Leonard suffered a concussion that had him thinking retirement due to a 3 wk headache? Why did our D in 2018 grade so high and became respectable but in 2019 they struggled so much? It's because we didn't have that force in the middle to eat up blockers to allow our LB's to do what they do best! Why did Tony Dungy come out and say the
  17. Moose, this is not rocket science to believe this D should be much improved. Let's just say we didn't add Buckner, the experience the rookies gained last yr and their projected jump in 2020 alone is enough for an improved season. Bobby O is projected to be a Star, Leonard All Pro, Turay has sack leader potential which is All Pro, Rhodes in this system could be back to All Pro, Rock Ya-Sin ready to break out, Houston already is a force, Hooker with improved pass rush could be Pro Bowl talent, ETC... It all start upfront with our 13th pick, Deforest Buckner, a former ALL PRO! Yes, Could, Sho
  18. Hello Crazy, let me remind you that Rivers hasn't missed a start since 2006 and currently is on a 224 game start streak! With the Colts possessing arguably a top 5 line, where does it make sense to spend 9 MIL that will never see the field? Why spend 9 MIL that NEVER delivers the THRILL? Lets cut Brissett and sign Clowney!
  19. Khari definitely looks the part to be a key piece to a Championship Team but will never reach Polomalu's level as football instincts made him superior! The staff agrees with your thinking about Bobby O and recently listed him as a breakout star potential player for 2020! All we need to be successful is for both these players to just hold their own and become solid contributors but if either becomes a Star is a bonus that just may earn a trip to Tampa.
  20. Last yr was a complete mess from the moment this Staff let Al Woods go, to AL retiring, to all the injuries at key positions. The BIGGEST setback to this Defense was a lack of a presence on the interior line and SECOND was losing our best pass rusher in Turay. This game is won in the trenches and in 2019 we lost 2 HUGE key pieces to the position, which trickled down to the LB's and DB's. Living in Northern Indiana, I literally saw the Chicago Bears D go from Elite to Poor overnight once they lost Hicks for the season. One player but at THE most important position that this Staff failed to
  21. To be honest Lucky, as an MJ supporter my entire life even I didn't like how this doc portrayed the GOAT player that I grew up to worship! I understand his actions were to get the best out of said player but his strategy was not for everyone! I simply could not watch the nonstop criticism of Scott Burrell and it pained me to hear the GOAT talk this way to one of his teammates. Even know he was just trying to get the best out of Burrell, I think with Burell's personality it derailed any type of success he was destined to have as he did not have that type of mentality. Shame on Jordan for th
  22. I sighed at this doc but there is two sides to every story! I get it he was the biggest * but look at it in a different light. He would've never, I'm sorry the Bulls would've never got over the Bad Boy Pistons if Jordan didn't take the Ulysses S Grant General mindset and create their legacy!!! He literally pushed the entire ORG to overcome the hurdle that was right in front of him and that is a LEADER just like GRANT! Great Leaders dont always get the recognition they deserve even after it smacked them in the face!
  23. Not a great Human but lets hold off judgement until each of us walked in this legends shoes. His gambling addiction is no difference than any other addiction. If you say you have no addictions, let me add the GOAT to your title.
  24. Michael Jordan was and is the BEST player EVER to play the NBA game! No other opinions matter to this point so carry on!
  25. How many times do we need to see a TD pass with Hooker in the picture to realize he is not what he is made out to be. Playoffs vs the Chiefs whee he did not suit up due to a leg injury or the glove tackle on Henry on our home turf? Either this D is completely confused on coverage or Hooker's value is completely overvalued is yet to be seen but 2020 should be a tell all.
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