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  1. Yes, I know these are the opinions of Chris Ballard which is why we continue to get snake bitten at the wr position!!! He continues to believe that PC is a Hall of Famer but fails to realize the importance of accountability!!! I will question the greatest of the greatest because even the greatest has a weakness at one position. CB is wr position!
  2. Damn it NewColtsFan, after MPJ and TY we have nothing in the cupboards which is my main reason for Julio freaking Jones!!! Campell will be on IR by Oct and Pascal would have problems making the roster on any other squad not named Indianapolis Colts!!! I said 3rd WR because after MPJ and TY, we have nothing that resembles an NFL wr roster so I was hoping with all the hype coming out of INDY that he just may replicate an actual NFL receiver and be our 3rd???? I will tell you this right now, if he has any success like most are hoping for, he may just be our #1!!!!! How about that???
  3. MPJr = Michael Penix Jr out of IU so sorry to confuse you as I was just comparing two Fragile players!!! I dont want to argue with a fellow Colts fan but regardless of PC health as a college player, as a Pro he is 2-2 for ending up on the DONE FOR SEASON LIST!!!! Wake up man, you watching the same game as I am when it comes to PC? The DUDE can't land on a Purple Mattress without breaking something!!!!! Show me before coming at me with delusional opinions when the odds land in my favor. I hope I'm wrong but history says otherwise, PC is a Glass Joe!!!!
  4. 1 - Where did that 11th in passing yds get us at the end of the day?? 1st rd exit! 2 - We lost the game? 3 - What has he done to go into 2021 to be your #1 wr?? Big gamble IMO! 4 - Julio would've at least made us feel comfortable for when PC and TY go down with injury (see history) 5 - TY only got 5 targets because he can't get separation!!!! Every toss to him is contested and comes up incomplete!! It must be a perfect lead pass. 6 - Same D that has Buckner, DL and JB?? Same D that has a coveted head coach in ME? We have 3 Superstars at every level like all the great D's but your saying were a liability? You saying Buckner or DL isn't worth the weight? 7-9 - Size doesn't tell the whole story here, our players can't get separation or cant stay healthy period!!!
  5. I so want to get behind this Strachan fellow but all the Deon Caine and Desmond Patmon fellows keep bringing me back to reality!!! Any inside info on if this kid is different and has a chance to not only win the 6th spot but actually compete for the #3rd wr position on the team?? Im hearing nothing but GLOWS from this kid, much like a Julio Jones.
  6. That's what both PC and MPJ should be saying right now, OH DEAR GOD!!!
  7. I'm really torn on PC as he could be an absolute beast if he could just remain healthy for a season but I've seen this type before. PC has all the above, low fb IQ, fragile body and the lack of skill set to protect his body before collision, which is from lack of playing football as a LAD!!! IU is currently in the same situation with MPJ, 3 seasons and 3 season ending injuries much like PC and I can't help but put both in the same category as FRAGILE. History says FRAGILE and until history says otherwise we are a bunch of FOOLS to believe otherwise. I understand some are not acceptive to this and even I try to be positive with things like putting in work but cant help to cringe when the season actually begins on these type players. I mean c'mon, 2 or 3 straight yrs of season ending injuries and most here think this is the yr? I would love for PC and MPJ to last an entire yr but I'm at the point of show me before I put stock in it! Every snap will be a gasp of air for both these players but at the same time if that gasp never comes, both players could be MVP type players.
  8. Did TY help us in the playoff game vs Buffalo or was he not able to win contested receptions due to his size and lack of separation? Julio gives you a physical presence that TY cant do and that is WIN the close contested catches!!! The league is changing to the big wr's that can bully the db's much like AJ Brown and DJ Metcalf! The smurfs are being weeded out as it takes a perfect pass to complete to these guys. TY is a favorite for Colts Nation but I see a player who is done both physically and mentally!!!!
  9. Showed up to work when he didn't have to??? You can put all the work in you want but at the end of the day you have to stay healthy and not fall victims of falling on your wrist, spraining your knee or breaking your collar bone!!! WORK has nothing to do with this guys issues, it has EVERY thing to do with his FRAGILE BODY!!! The dude has a body that can't play at this level lets just face it. SHOW ME in yr 3 that you can play 16 games Glass Campbell!!!!
  10. I guess I'm not sold on our WR corps like some as TY is no longer a #1 option and Pittman Jr showed signs of a threat but didn't put up any kind of #'s to make you write in stone as a #1 wr! If TY gets hurt, MPJr doesn't translate, your down to Zach Pascal and IR Paris Campbelll as a wr threat!!! I guess my argument is that the probability of TY getting hurt and MPJ not translating to a #1 WR are pretty low and add to the odds of Paris making it past wk 5 are pretty slim!!! Adding Julio, would've gave the wr position some sort of insurance once either Paris or TY goes down to injury, which is a sure thing!!!!
  11. Ballard's biggest weakness so far is not going all in and signing that one true difference maker that this team needs to get over the HUMP vs top teams. I understand he is looking long term with the Salary Cap but sometimes you have to recognize that you have a window to compete before major extensions are due and you must add that FINAL piece to the roster to put you over the top! If the Colts think they are going to pay 3 of our OL top dollar plus DB on the defensive line & DL at the LB position, that window has just closed so I see a 1-2 yr window that we must CAPITALIZE!!! I was hoping for Julio Jones as I see our WR corps as the only weakness on our team but time will tell if I am right.
  12. 2020, We OWNED the Titans in the first matchup and the second might as well throw it out the window as COVID kept our best two DL out in DB & DA. In that COVID game, Henry ran wild as expected but I truly believe that if both our DL were healthy, it would have been a different outcome. The Titans are a good team but against top talent they just don't have the edge and that is due to the lack of Star Power at the QB position. Tannenhill is decent but not a gamechanger like Mahomes for example. They added Julio freaking Jones but lost elsewhere and at the end of the day they don't have that elite QB that would put them over the top. Colts WIN the Division in 2020 if it weren't for 2 pivotal COVID games with TN & Pitt where we were literally struck at the worst position vs the Opposition strengths. Tennessee, we needed a stout DL and we were missing DB & DA, our best 2 players. Pitt, we needed a stout OL vs a Blitsburgh defense and guess what we were missing our book end Tackles!! SERIOUSLY, missing two of your best players vs their STRENGTHS? That's 2 games right there that were lost due to COVID and those 2 games would have won the division and made it a home playoff game in the WC round. Fast forward to 2021, where with the draft, another yr of experience for the rookies and potentially a top 3 running game with JT, I see BIG expectations from this team! It all DEPENDS on if Carson Wentz can play the QB position in this offense as we have the running game and defense to be the top team in the NFL. It all boils down to Carson, Pass rush and the health of our WR corps!
  13. Show me he can compete at this level because all I heard was he was a MANBEAST at the lower level? SHOW ME that your not another Deion Cane
  14. No, I'm not at this level yet but I'm disgusted that some of you don't see the talent and potential of the JT express train that is about to hit the NFL by storm in 2021! Pure power, speed and skill set to produce over 6k yards and 50 TD's at the highest level in college but was overlooked due to a fumbling issue and lack of pass catches LMAO!!!! Many NFL analyst agree JT will steal the show in 2021 but not you? You dont see what we see or is hypothetical due to being a 2nd rd talent and listening to all those chumps draft analysis??? HE WILL DOMINATE EAST!!!!
  15. Only place PC is heading is the IR! I hope I'm wrong but show me something different for once before I can believe in him. I will gladly eat the biggest plate of crow known to mankind but history is not on his side. Show me!
  16. Let's see what his numbers translate to at the professional level before we go all OUT??? 8, 10 or 12 sacks is yet to be determined so lets wait?
  17. I mean no Grover Stew or D Autry spells 6 sacks for the DL as is until others step up!! Buckner and company = a questionable step up that can't be confirmed!!!
  18. Even with the presence of Buckner, I feel the DL still has a missing presence that I can't explain??
  19. Keep beating this drum because it is so true on so many levels. You MUST have a #1 option that is not injury prone or has a loss of heart for the game and Julio Jones at 32 gives us that best option!!! Naysayers want to argue? Julio Jones stats vs TY, MPJ, PC, ZP or any other practice squad player we been putting out there in the last 3 yrs?? I'll WAIT!!!
  20. If you want to continue to have a practice squad receiving corps after the initial band of first string corps becomes that just corps, you better have proven talent! If TY goes down for any period of time like he usually does, we are in trouble counting on PC or MPJ to be a true #1 wr for Carson Wentz. If anything, signing Julio adds proven depth in case any of the above scenarios plays out, which they will. Indy's biggest problem in last 3 yrs has been the lack of a true #1 presence and many times looked like a practice squad wr corps vs the rest of the NFL. It's time CB actually goes for it in terms of taking a gamble at this position that has been lacking for way too long.
  21. Show me that this guy can play in this league without a season ending injury? I'll wait...
  22. As a big time Colts fan East, I really hope PC figures it out and remains healthy to do so!!! As far as JT, I will continue to be over opportunistic and support his talent as I see him being a top 2 talent. Time will tell on this but I feel strongly!!!
  23. Thank You 1965 for this post, we all shall see the talent of Strachan or Vaughns in the preseason!!!
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