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  1. Taylor and Henry say how's the view from below and it will be okay because you will never reach this level!!! 2nd tier at best!
  2. Speed, Power, Elusiveness in the hole is all the data and context you need EAST. Ride this TRAIN!
  3. Forget stats, game log or D ranks and tell me what you see LIVE while watching him run East? I've watched Chubb, Cook, Jones and even Kamara but none of those players have the speed and power that Taylor has which makes him top 2 for the position. You must be going off the first 10 games and didn't watch the next 7, otherwise you would see the same generational talent that I see.
  4. 232 1,169 5.0 11 36 299 8.3 1 And to think that he didn't figure it out until wk 11 with these crazy stats is my clear cut choice for MOST UNDERRATED!!!
  5. You realize that Henry is friends with Taylor on social media because he realizes this kid is a second coming of his skillset right? I don't see Henry recognizing Chubb or any other Chumps on social media.
  6. Facts say that since wk 11, JT is the 2nd best back in the NFL!!!! This is when he figured it all out.
  7. Okay, did you not watch early on as his carries were just straight forward much like Trent Richardson but around wk 11 the light switch just flipped and he was a top 2 back since? Did you not see the juke vs Jax at the line of scrimmage that netted a 20yd gain because he was able to use vision finally? How about vs PIT which is standard for a bad day for a rb only to gain 80 yds in the first half?? Chubb and company only wish they had the talent of JT and you will see my friend.
  8. I put Cook and Chubb on that second tier of talent right behind Henry and Taylor! If you look at the numbers, Taylor is just as good as Henry and that is GAMECHANGER talent!
  9. I'm getting the sense you don't believe in the JT hype train that only started since wk 11? Try comparing stats since wk 11 and get behind this train!!!
  10. Sorry EastStreet, try comparing stats from wk 11 to wk 17 and get back to me! Yes, its top 2!
  11. Fools, its Jonathon Taylor by a long shot because this coaching staff does not believe in his skill set!!! I see Taylor like a Derrick Henry 2.0, but for some reason we like to throw the ball 50 times instead of handing it off to a generational back!! RUN THE DAMN BALL COACH!!! Nothing like 80+ yds in a half only to abandon the run in the second half and lose the game!!! SO UNDERVALUED!
  12. I will say this from the bottom of my heart that the colts need to use JT as their primary back as his skill set is just top 2 at his position which is ELITE STATUS!!! Most of the distraction is on Carson Wentz but I watched enough football over my time to know that this offense success rides on one player and that is Jonathon Taylor! He has not only pro bowl status but ALL PRO STATUS and that is with Derrick Henry in the same conference!!! Taylor is a generational type talent and we should not hinder his future on sharing carries with Marlon Mack who never showed this type of generational
  13. Sorry EASTSIDE Connection but Cook and Chubb don't even hold the jockstrap of a Taylor or Henry status and its not even close! Cook or Chubb can't stay healthy for 16 games and neither project to be a workhorse back like Taylor or Henry!!! I can't believe you put either Cook or Chubb in the same sentence as Taylor or Henry but I will guarantee that neither hear the echo's of either players "Hello"! Cook and Chubb don't belong in the same sentence!
  14. I don't care about the love affair with Mack, this is Taylors OFFENSE and NOBODY else!!! Most don't get it that Jonathon Taylor has numbers that only compare to the #1 rb in the NFL and that is Derrick Henry!!! Taylor is a generational RB much like DH so please acknowledge this and let the MACK love affair go as any other generational back needs their touches!!! JT has top 2 potential at his position and we can't let a lack of touches hinder his efficiency for Mack! We must decide and its a no brainer!!!
  15. Joe, you know how heartbreaking it was to go into last yrs game with both our starting tackles OUT vs BLITZBURGH only to dominate and lose the game due to BOMBS??? Going into that game EVERYONE thought this was going to be a blood bath missing both starting tackles but only to see Jonathon Taylor RUN all over you in the first half. I couldn't believe it at first but I quickly thought wait this is the STEELERS and no matter what it is not over. Sure enough a second half collapse on Defense was just the recipe to continue your success but the fact we were missing both starting tackles vs BLIT
  16. Doesn't seem to matter who the head coach is Thornburg, some teams just struggle vs a certain team no matter who is running the show. Our Colts no matter what cant beat the Steelers, Patriots or Chargers and I don't care if either is the worst team in the league, it ain't happening!!! Manning, Luck, Rivers it don't matter as just another loss. The number one recipe all you teams had is you paid your bigs up front and didn't have a Manning to pay at the qb position. Ben, Brady and Rivers are no small contracts but you all seem to pay the trenches and still had $$ to pay your qb which is whe
  17. If Coach Reich wants this move, I want this move as #inreichwetrust
  18. I think we all agree with the direction of the 2021 draft as were all on the same page.
  19. It seems the last couple yrs came down to in game coaching decisions and missed kicks. If I have to see another game lost to a missed extra point or an easy field goal I might just lose my crap. The going for two in the playoff game was inexcusable as you never do it until the last 5 min of the game when it is on the line because you never know how things are going to work out. Imagine if all we needed was a fg to beat the bills?? Stop beating ourselves.
  20. With 2 ALL PROS in Buckner and Leonard, how in the heck do we not have a top 10 D? I think I know the answer but curious what everybody else thinks. Coaching, scheme, pass rush???
  21. An aging veteran coming off major injury where have I heard that before? Our OL + plus Jonathon Taylor how do they stack up against that powerhouse? I feel our D is well underrated and will be a factor in this when all said is done.
  22. You forgot that we have great success vs the Broncos but can't never beat the Steelers, Chargers or Patriots. Not even worried about the Broncos but the others give me nightmares.
  23. This D is built on getting pressure from the front 4 and clearly we did not in 2020. I don't think Ballard drafted Paye to be a star in yr 2 or 3 and if you watch their reaction they expect results in 2021. We did bring back Rhodes which is huge and on the other side Sin and Carry should take the next step or could be another 2nd rd bust for Ballard. I agree, the conservative zone and low blitzing scheme drove me crazy but with all that we still have two all pros in Leonard and Buckner leading the charge. When your 15th qb in the league is Baker Mayfield or Matt Ryan I disagre
  24. Do they have a top 10 running game, a top 10 OL or a top 10 Defense like we do? Rodgers problem is his salary got in the way of fielding a championship team plus their draft strategy the last couple years. Neglected giving arguably the best qb in the game viable weapons at the wr position much like our colts. Does he make them contenders, why yes but I feel we are built in the trenches where they are not.
  25. Yes, name the top 15th QB and you will be not impressed which is why I feel we could be good with him at 15 but in the top 10 makes us ELITE. Well said!
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