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  1. Michael Pittman Jr. is currently #11 and I have his jersey that I like to wear to games. Hoping Wentz won't take #11 because I want Pittman to keep it.
  2. I understand why there were a lot of Packers fans there, it just disappointed me. I’d guess 65% of the fans were Packers fans there. Others at the game, what percentage would you guess? And yes, they were that bad. “Go Pack Go” constantly. Loud and obnoxious. Loved the guy chanting “Go Home Go” after the game.
  3. Was anyone else annoyed by the Packers fans and the amount of Packers fans that were at the game yesterday? It was ridiculous! The "Go Pack Go!" chants were loud the whole game. There were definitely more Packers fans than Colts fans at the game. Makes me sick! Only good part was getting to run my mouth afterwards. Stupid Packers fans.
  4. I'm here, *! Just enjoying reading the comments from everyone. I like to hear what others think.
  5. People complain about Rivers, but the word was that Foles would be our quarterback if we didn't get Rivers. I'm just glad we got Rivers if that was the other option. Will we actually go out and try to get a good one in the offseason or trade up in the draft to get one? Or will we just be content with having mediocre play at the quarterback position again?
  6. Last year I went to 4 games, some of the gameday gifts included a Quentin Nelson can cozy, a towel with Dwight Freeney's name and number on it, a car flag with the Colts logo on it, and a blue Colts Santa hat. Then, I received a "For the Shoe" shirt and a Colts facemask at the Jets game this year. I guess I just got a little spoiled with the cool gifts.
  7. 3 of those games are at home, at least. 3-0, so far, at home this year.
  8. Some observations from a fan in attendance 1. A lot of Bengals fans made the short trip yesterday. 2. It was probably a little too cold to have the window open. 3. The gift was really bad. A tiny ribbon? I liked the shirt and mask I received while attending the Jets game, but was disappointed yesterday.
  9. What are you hoping for next season?
  10. After seeing what the Eagles have done thus far, maybe Wentz would be a possibility.
  11. If the Jets have a top 2 pick and take Lawrence or Fields, how about going after Sam Darnold? He hasn’t been in a good situation. Who knows what he could do with a good offensive line and some capable skill players. He was a 3rd overall pick after all. Surely, there’s potential there.
  12. I actually purchased both 4 game plans, so I have tickets for every game. I looked at my tickets on my phone today, though, and the Vikings game was gone. I assume that means I’m not going, but I still have not been notified.
  13. I’ve got tickets for the game, but with the 2,500 rule, who gets to go? I haven’t received an email yet. Anyone know anything.
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