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  1. I’d love to see blue face masks and the logo on the middle of the field changed to a horseshoe. Everything else is perfect the way it is. Blue pants at home would be ok, but I’m fine with the white ones.
  2. I guess the 3 wildcard teams does start next season, but the 17 game schedule isn’t until the following year at the earliest. So, my picks are: Chiefs Ravens Bills Colts Steelers Titans Raiders
  3. List your 4 division champs and 2 wildcard teams in order they’ll be seeded. I’d go: Cheifs Ravens Bills Colts Steelers Titans
  4. I watched a couple games on my FireStick using the Firefox app. They both froze up during the 2nd quarter. It seems fine on my phone, though.
  5. After the Miami game is when I decided I hoped he left. In his interviews after the game, all he did was say nothing I could do. Acted like he played perfect.
  6. Did we cut Williams? Did he sign with someone else? He had a couple really good games last year when Mack was out. I don’t see him on our roster now, though.
  7. Glad he’s gone. Arrogant, selfish and nothing was ever his fault.
  8. If you think it will be someone else, please share who you think.
  9. This is exactly what I want. Eason at 34, then WR at 44. Maybe a tight end in round 3.
  10. It’s the same thing on ESPN. I watched NFL Live and the first half hour was Brady. Then, a little about Rivers/Colts and Bridgewater/Newton, then back to Brady. Then, a little about Mariota, then back to Brady. I’m guessing total, probably 40 minutes + of Brady in the hour long show.
  11. Most interesting, but not toughest. I think the NFC West is the toughest. I could be wrong, but I think the Saints are the only team in this division to finish better than .500 next season.
  12. After thinking about this, I think we are going to draft Jacob Eason as our quarterback of the future. Big arm, not real mobile, similar traits of Philip Rivers. He can learn from a future hall of famer with similar physical traits. I like this plan.
  13. I think Hurts would be worth a shot. Sounds like he is a great kid and a hard worker. His numbers last year were very similar to Mayfield’s and Murray’s last years.
  14. Link to article: http://www.indianasportscoverage.com/colts-predicted-to-sign-both-philip-rivers-and-jadeveon-clowney/ Will it really happen?
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