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  1. Q either needs to play LT or being willing to take less money. We should not spend a ton of money on a LG. I’d let him walk before I’d pay a ton for him to play LG.
  2. I agree. This is the route we should go until Fisher returns.
  3. Michael Pittman Jr. is currently #11 and I have his jersey that I like to wear to games. Hoping Wentz won't take #11 because I want Pittman to keep it.
  4. I understand why there were a lot of Packers fans there, it just disappointed me. I’d guess 65% of the fans were Packers fans there. Others at the game, what percentage would you guess? And yes, they were that bad. “Go Pack Go” constantly. Loud and obnoxious. Loved the guy chanting “Go Home Go” after the game.
  5. Was anyone else annoyed by the Packers fans and the amount of Packers fans that were at the game yesterday? It was ridiculous! The "Go Pack Go!" chants were loud the whole game. There were definitely more Packers fans than Colts fans at the game. Makes me sick! Only good part was getting to run my mouth afterwards. Stupid Packers fans.
  6. I'm here, *! Just enjoying reading the comments from everyone. I like to hear what others think.
  7. People complain about Rivers, but the word was that Foles would be our quarterback if we didn't get Rivers. I'm just glad we got Rivers if that was the other option. Will we actually go out and try to get a good one in the offseason or trade up in the draft to get one? Or will we just be content with having mediocre play at the quarterback position again?
  8. 3 of those games are at home, at least. 3-0, so far, at home this year.
  9. Bills Ravens Texans Chiefs Eagles Vikings Saints Rams
  10. The playoffs don’t need to be expanded. It will just devalue the regular season like college and BBA basketball. Also, with and odd number of games, how will the number of home and away games be decided?
  11. Cardale Jones is looking awfully good for the DC Defenders in the XFL. Is it a possibility to look to the XFL for quarterback help?
  12. I’d love for this to happen. It won’t happen, but I’d love for it to.
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing them get a quarterback in free agency and drafting a quarterback, also. If we could get Love, Eason or Gordon, they could use a year or two watching Rivers, Dalton or Winston before they take over.
  14. I was listening to a podcast (I think it was on Locked on Colts) and a guy said Anthony Gordon had a noodle for an arm. He said he would worry about any throw that was more than 20 yards. I haven't seen this myself, but that is definitely a concern if true.
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