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  1. If the Jets have a top 2 pick and take Lawrence or Fields, how about going after Sam Darnold? He hasn’t been in a good situation. Who knows what he could do with a good offensive line and some capable skill players. He was a 3rd overall pick after all. Surely, there’s potential there.
  2. I actually purchased both 4 game plans, so I have tickets for every game. I looked at my tickets on my phone today, though, and the Vikings game was gone. I assume that means I’m not going, but I still have not been notified.
  3. I’ve got tickets for the game, but with the 2,500 rule, who gets to go? I haven’t received an email yet. Anyone know anything.
  4. Check out the Colts groups on Facebook. All kinds of activity going on there. I can’t keep up with it at all. Plenty of interest in the Colts.
  5. Plenty of teams use two running backs. We have 2 good ones now. Maybe it will help maintain their health if they split carries.
  6. Yes, obviously, we must not have any interest in Eason or Fromm. Maybe we can get Aaron Rodgers once Rivers retires.
  7. I thought they might do that. Must have no interest in Eason or Fromm since they traded that pick.
  8. I would prefer Jones and Pittman, also. Don’t really understand the posts wanting defensive backs. The need for wide receiver and an offensive lineman are more pressing, in my opinion. Swift? We have no need for a running back. And I’d never draft one that early.
  9. I can see us taking one of the following: wide receiver: Pittman Jr. Mims or Higgins tackle: Jones, Barch or Cleveland I would be happy with any of these guys.
  10. I like all those guys along with Higgins. Pittman or Jones would be my first choices, though.
  11. What about Albert Okwuegbunam from Missouri? He’s really fast and big. His highlights were really impressive.
  12. Dominic Bolden (the man Johnson is accused of hiring) was murdered in January. Is this the same Dominic Bolden that played wr at Liberty University?
  13. We’d definitely have to give up a ton for the #2 pick, but if we could fill all our other holes this season it would be worth it.
  14. Any way we don’t draft a quarterback this draft and trade a couple 1st rounders and a couple 2nd rounders in the 21 and 22 drafts in order to get Fields? Or would that be impossible to do?
  15. I’d love to see blue face masks and the logo on the middle of the field changed to a horseshoe. Everything else is perfect the way it is. Blue pants at home would be ok, but I’m fine with the white ones.
  16. I guess the 3 wildcard teams does start next season, but the 17 game schedule isn’t until the following year at the earliest. So, my picks are: Chiefs Ravens Bills Colts Steelers Titans Raiders
  17. List your 4 division champs and 2 wildcard teams in order they’ll be seeded. I’d go: Cheifs Ravens Bills Colts Steelers Titans
  18. I watched a couple games on my FireStick using the Firefox app. They both froze up during the 2nd quarter. It seems fine on my phone, though.
  19. After the Miami game is when I decided I hoped he left. In his interviews after the game, all he did was say nothing I could do. Acted like he played perfect.
  20. Did we cut Williams? Did he sign with someone else? He had a couple really good games last year when Mack was out. I don’t see him on our roster now, though.
  21. Glad he’s gone. Arrogant, selfish and nothing was ever his fault.
  22. If you think it will be someone else, please share who you think.
  23. This is exactly what I want. Eason at 34, then WR at 44. Maybe a tight end in round 3.
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