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  1. Ramsey is a cancer. From the neck down he is great, neck up Schumer for brains. Uncoachable, selfish and childish. I live in Jville, and he is abominable.
  2. Kickers are always weird. It is the most mentally draining position on any team. When you get older, it takes longer to heal, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. I also guarantee that he is more aware and disappointed about his performance than anybody else. I hope, and believe, he will bounce back.
  3. Ties are still best in regular season. I do think we should use the college rules for deciding OT games. The Colts were the first team to win the title in an OT. Some still call it the greatest game in NFL history.
  4. Well said, the essence of my belief, and actually better than my point. I've had 28 ties in my coaching 'career' and all were better than a loss.
  5. I bet they were glad they didn't lose. I also bet the Browns were a lot more happy after they tied last year's opening game than this year.
  6. in High School, College and Pro. What's wrong with a tie? Neither team loses, the underdog is happy they could get a tie, the favorite is relieved they didn't lose. When you have the OT, the stronger team usually wins. If a team doesn't want to tie, go for two after the TD late in the game. It would reduce injuries from fatigue. Personally, I hate to lose more than I enjoy winning, a tie is a relief. The NFL had ties for many decades, it never prevented championships. LSU won a National title with two ties one year, Tom Osborne and Bobby Bowden both lost a national title going for two. The Colts won Super Bowl 5 when they had a tie in the regular season. We still have ties in the pros almost every year, let's just end regular season overtimes. So, anyone agree with me???
  7. I have coached over a hundred and ten teams in a combination of Men's and Women's Softball, Youth Baseball, and Youth Basketball. My teams won over 1100 games, and I lost over 500. I never had a player who didn't make a mistake. No one player ever loses a game. Teams win or lose together
  8. Brissett will go as far as his O-line will take him. QB is important but, as always, the O-line is more important to team success. The Vikings went to the Super Bowl despite Joe Kapp. Trent Dilfer, Craig Morton, even Billy Kilmer (who never learned how to throw a spiral) all 'led' their teams to a Super Bowl. The Colts are my team, Brissett is my Quarterback, win or lose we must pull together. I bleed blue, always have, always will. A true fan supports their team, no matter what.
  9. I've been a Colts fan since the fifties. Unitas, Tom Matte, Couzzo, Domres, B Jones, Manning, now Luck are gone. I am a Colts FANATIC, no matter what.
  10. As a chronic pain sufferer, I know it can really prey on everything in your life. Think of a Quarterback who is often injured like a person who is being abused. Pain permeates your every thought. Believing your career can end on every play can infiltrate all your thoughts. Don't be surprised if he changes his mind if he ever gets well and comes back at a later date.. Go with Brissett for now, he is getting better and knows the offence.
  11. Cy Young's 511 wins, Nolan Ryan's 7 no-hitters, Hack Wilson's 191 RBI (in 154 games in 1930, he also scored 146 runs).
  12. Wins and losses are meaningless. no injuries and #2 QB getting work is valuable. I just want to see us play, I have always loved our uniforms, the best in all of football. They are iconic, traditional, just sublime!
  13. Luck is very accurate when he has time. Nothing hurts a QB's accuracy more than being sacked, hit often, and constantly pressured. If and/or when he gets real run support, his O-line jells, and he's not running for his life, he will show what he can do. Even Unitas played poorly when he was on the run.
  14. New member, be gentle. You can't compare Luck with Manning until Luck has as good a offensive line. Luck reminds me more of Bert Jones.
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