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  1. Walker might be a hard worker but lets not forget Kelly has been working hard too. I've seen reports almost every day that Kelly has been out 30 minutes before the rest getting extra work in. Seems like its paying off for him.
  2. I will say i didn't like the hit he had on Zay Jones. I think that should have been a flag.
  3. Hmmm if only there was a way to let people know you are being sarcastic.
  4. I was there with my brother who is a huge packers fan so i was definitely bummed i didn't get to see them play. Worst part about it was they kept selling beer the whole time leading up to the game and didn't announce that the game was going to be cancelled until last minute. So all the people that thought they had a few hours to sober up drove home buzzed.
  5. Thats Ad hominem. Lets not attack his character just because you dont like his list. We are all better than that.
  6. @Mel Kiper's Hair Are you gonna take this from them?
  7. Cersei is gonna be mad when she finds out her shoes are missing
  8. @danlhart87 @chad72 Might want to edit your posts. Lions pick at #8
  9. I'm not expecting leveon to announce anything soon. He is loving the publicity he is getting for his album from all the traffic through his twitter.
  10. Also might be worth pointing out Hooker and Collins have the same agent.
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