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  1. 14 minutes ago, EastStreet said:


    lol... nice try. So espn calling a poll/rank Week 1 after the first full week is fine. That means when I do the next poll after week 1 games, I can call it week 1 like ESPN and it will be just fine. right?


    First off, I like the idea of the Poll. But i'm with NCF on this one. This is week one, next week is week 2.  Anything else will just be confusing.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Pilgrim said:

    I get it, but who knows, (as far as FA's go) we just got 4 years younger at QB, with a QB that was arguably our best player in 2017. Of course, we went 4-12, but we were in a lot of games, with a QB who really didn't know the offense. Yes, our fans booed, but I think if any team found out that a player was retiring during a game, near the start of the season, their fans would boo.


    We did get 4 years younger but Andrew was a generational talent. I'm just thinking out loud here but a player that has constantly been criticized like Ebron would surely rather go to team that would be accepting of him.  Ebron is an easy example but what about funchess Etc. Even if Luck was regretting the decision i'm sure the booing confirmed his beliefs. I just dont see how this wont have an impact on fa even if its in a minuscule way

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Pilgrim said:

    I think the important thing to consider about the booing is the context. When is the last time that the face of a franchise retired (during a game) 2 weeks before the season, while telling fans that he anticipated playing, at a time when team expectations are extremely high? I can't think of an instance where that happened. Yes, players get traded during games in baseball, but even that doesn't compare. I'm sure the fans that booed regret it, but Philly still gets FA's and they boo for anything.


    No obviously this is the biggest/most unexpected retiring the NFL has ever seen. But do you think If this happened last year free agents like Ebron come here knowing we dont have a franchise QB and will turn on anyone at a moments notice. Even the nicest player in the NFl.

  4. 1 minute ago, Narcosys said:

    Lets be real here, the fans booed because he retired abruptly, and for no apparent good reason other than he's tired of rehab...from injuries he sustained during the off-season.  It's understandable.


    No I totally understand. Like i said i was mad/confused/sad. Its just not a good look. Especially when players around the league are pointing it out. Including our own players. I just hope it doesn't impact future FA's.(which it probably wont) But Ebron left Detroit for a more supportive franchise.

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  5. 1 minute ago, NewColtsFan said:


    OK....    I thought you were talking about the Colts.


    You're talking about Indy, the city, and the fan base.


    And yes,  we look terrible for booing Andrew.     Just terrible.


    And to think so many here are happy that fans booed Luck.   They posted about how happy they were.     This is a bad, bad look for the Colts community.      Thanks for posting that.   I had not seen that before.     Appreciate it.




    No problem I can see how you would be confused considering i was replying to another comment.

    I hope NFL players including Andrew can see that the fans were in Shock and reacted in the worst way possible. I really hope Andrew understands and doesn't hold it against. 

    It happens, even on the forum, (including the resident trolls) fans are going to over react considering the impact this has on the franchise.

  6. 5 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:


    Huh?      How do you figure?


    There's a whole thread of player responses on twitter,  they're all nothing but supportive of Andrew Luck.    No one mentions the Colts?       How do the Colts look bad?    In what way?





    There is more including Leonard


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  7. 14 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    If Dak prescott,  drew brees, pat mahomes or any team with a solid qb announced  that they were retiring  tomorrow  I guarantee  their fans would boo. IT'S an angry response  announced at a bad time


    Like I said i get the reaction. I was stunned/mad/confused/sad. I'm just looking at NFL players reactions so far and we look bad. 

  8. 43 minutes ago, krunk said:

    I'm hoping some of the players who did come here because of Andrew Luck hold up their end of the bargain and still play ball at a high level. Guys like Funchess for example.  I believe he will, but I know how these deals work out sometimes.


    Honestly i'm more worried about future free agents as well. I've been looking at a lot of reactions across the NFL and most of the players are bringing up the booing from the fans. Why would you want to play for an organization that the fans will turn its back on you so quick. (But i do get the reaction from the fans. We are all in shock and hurting)

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  9. 4 hours ago, Irish YJ said:


    Care to give us some insight on your choices given some of the data in the OP? Thanks!




    My two problems with Mack are his durabilty and his pass catching ability.  In order for him to be a true #1 I feel he really needs to improve in the passing game. Right now he is one dimensional which makes the defenses jobs easier. I do like Mack's vision and ability to find open holes however. With our Oline he is going to put up big numbers in the run game. Cowboys did it with less talented RBs for years.

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  10. Walker might be a hard worker but lets not forget Kelly has been working hard too. I've seen reports almost every day that Kelly has been out 30 minutes before the rest getting extra work in.

    Seems like its paying off for him.

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  11. I was there with my brother who is a huge packers fan so i was definitely bummed i didn't get to see them play. Worst part about it was they kept selling beer the whole time leading up to the game and didn't announce that the game was going to be cancelled until last minute. So all the people that thought they had a few hours to sober up drove home buzzed.

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