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  1. 3 hours ago, stitches said:

    @Superman in this video PFF is saying Samuel forced 21 missed tackles after the catch and averaged 10 yards after the catch per reception this year. 


    Disclaimer: my mission this off-season will be to make you like Deebo Samuel :D 


    And that 21 missed tackles was on only 62 catches according to them. That's kinda crazy. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Myles said:

    If done right, the skills competitions are good. 


    They should add a skills competition for kickers.   How many times can you hit the crossbar or post out of 10 kicks.


    I'm pretty sure they had a tic tac toe game last year for the kickers. They had a grid inside the uprights for the board.

  3. 2 hours ago, Superman said:


    Has it worked?


    Talib has been hurt all year, Suh hasn't done much of anything, Cooks has been good, Peters has been inconsistent (and hasn't been paid yet)... The Rams are good, but it's mostly been on the backs of the players they already had, not the players they've brought in.


    And honestly, everyone has acted like they went on a huge spending spree, but that's kind of overblown. They paid their own, brought in Cooks and paid him, and took on a big salary for Talib, with no long term risk or commitment. They obviously took some big swings, but not as dramatically as it's been portrayed. And they still have future flexibility.


    As for the Jags, their problem isn't with money spent, and I don't really think it's with egos. The main problem is the QB. Second has been health, specifically on offense. And their problem moving forward is that one of the best and most important units on the team -- the DL -- is getting old and will never replicate the success of 2017.


    Neither model is problematic, but both teams have homegrown talent, and both teams have reconfiguring to do moving forward.


    Id also throw in Andrew whitworth and robert woods as well even though it was in 2017. 


    And id say Suh may not be having a stellar year but he has been taking pressure off Aaron donald.


    I do agree though,  most of the guys they paid were their own but they weren't afraid to take big swings in FA. 


    I feel like we have some solid building blocks on our team and some strong character guys in the locker room now. I Could see us making a few big moves in FA just like the rams but obviously we are going to continue to build from the draft.

  4. I know a lot of people want to use the Jags as the prime example of spending in FA not working but how about the Rams.  They have been spending big while Goff is still on his rookie contract. I think the difference is that the rams have been able to manage the egos of the players while the Jags have not.


    I'm not advocating going all out in FA, I'm just pointing out that there are times when it works.

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  5. 2 hours ago, SSFiero said:

    I love the face that Rich is going to get him in touch with Ray Lewis. That's has to mean a lot to The Maniac. 

    I don't if it's been posted, but I just saw this on youtube. 

    The maniac Mic'd. 

    "I'll give you a dollar if you tell me what you're about to run"



    The Two lines that made me laugh were

    "get off me Kinnnny!"

    "somebody get the GOAT i need some milk"

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  6. Someone I would be interested in trading for is Jordan Howard. I Know during the off season he removed all of the Bears Pictures from his Instagram. Now he has taken the back seat to Tarik Cohen in Matt Nagy's Offense. Just a Pipe dream and i know its probably not realistic, but i think he would compliment mack and Hines pretty well.

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